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Custodial Services

Manage your Sequrities Portfolio

Crédit Agricole Egypt Custodial services team successfully manages your securities portfolio of local securities, GDRs, Egypt Eurobonds and any other international securities at a very competitive pricing.

Features & Benefits

  • Opening and maintenance of all securities account
    • Script / physical securities (for local securities only)
    • Script-less / book-kept securities (local & international securities)
  • Depositing services of your local physical securities with MCSD (bookkeeping of physical securities)
  • Portfolio transfers to Crédit Agricole Egypt free of charge
  • All corporate actions on your securities portfolio which will be automatically credited to your securities account or your cash account which is accessible through any of our Branch network or any ATM machine (for cash funds only)
  • Quarterly statement of your securities portfolio or upon your request
  • Crédit Agricole Egypt will issue certificates to enable you to attend the General Assembly meetings


  • Signing bookkeeping contract in any of Crédit Agricole Egypt Branch’s
  • In case coupons collection is required, Crédit Agricole Egypt account should be opened for crediting proceeds