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Your plan for family protection

Your plan for Family Protection from Allianz

We seek to share your responsibilities using our extensive experience
A lot of questions that come to mind, begin with “What if?”. You are your family’s main pillar on which they rely you. You constantly try to keep them safe and work hard to secure their future and well-being.

Did you plan…

To live your life without worrying about what might happen in the future for your family in case of death or disabilities?

  • To secure the same standards of living in your absence?
  • To be on the right track to protect your family financially?

Subscribe to achieve your goals…

When you Subscribe, you will be able to secure and protect your family from any risks they may encounter in case of absence of insured person that is why we provide you with Allianz program “Your plan for Family Protection” is designed specifically to meet all your family’s needs.

  • The program is not an investment plan, it provides you with the essential insurance protection
  • The possibility to add a variety of optional insurance covers such as total permanent disability and accidental cover insurance benefits
  • Your convenience is our concern that is why we are providing you with a team qualified with the highest level of customer care.

Please keep in mind the age limits mentioned below to apply for an insurance coverage:

For Life insurance, Minimum age at entry for a policy holder is 21 years old and maximum age is 60 years old.

Note: All insurance products offered are introduced by Allianz Life Assurance Company – Egypt and under their full responsibility.
Allianz Life Assurance Company, Egyptian Joint Stock Company under the law number 10 year 1981 and its amendments for the supervision and control on Insurance in Egypt.