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If you are tempted to get rid of the effort, time and cost related to processing paper cheques, you would be surely interested in our electronic payment solutions.

Switch now to banki Business online payments and enjoy the flexibility, simplicity and security features, eliminating your exposure to any possible payment fraud via our state of the art token devices.

Internal transfers

Internal transfers are those transfers that you issue to your beneficiaries who are also CAE customers. They take place on the spot and with no charge! Invite your suppliers to become our customers giving both your businesses an opportunity to enjoy instant value dates and free transfers within CAE.

 Local Transfers

Local transfers are transfers made to your beneficiaries’ bank accounts with other banks. You can make single transfers or multiple (bulk transfers). Multiple local transfers allow you to process high-volume payments in local currency. We have capitalized on the infrastructure of the automated clearinghouse for local payments, and have put together a robust payment solution giving you the ability to automate your payment files / supplier payments, utility payments … etc. reaching any bank account in Egypt.

 International Payments

The type of business that your company engages in could entail a need for international transfers. For more details on cross border transactions, contact your dedicated Relationship Manager. Settle your international obligations and access copies of your swifts online, to send them to your beneficiaries as proof of payment.

 Standing instructions

If you have fixed and ongoing payments that you don’t want to miss settling, Crédit Agricole offers you the standing instructions services provided at your branch. Simply prepare a standing instruction with all transfer details and the bank will automatically proceed with its execution on its due dates on your behalf.