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Exporting entails a lot of uncertainty and risks, yet our team has extensive experience in handling enquiries related to cross border trade / export transactions. We will help you ensure presenting compliant documents under letter of credit, saving time and cost with various payment assurances.

We offer you various solutions to facilitate the export process and meet your financing needs. Our comprehensive range of trade and export finance products can streamline document exchange, reduce payment or collection risks, and simplify your financial transactions almost anywhere in the world.
Our main objective is to protect your interests while extending payment terms, which results in enhancing your working capital. Export finance allows you to funding your pre and post shipment requirements.
We offer you the advice you need and we will assist you through the complexity of international trade by leveraging on our extensive international Crédit Agricole group presence.
Our Services include:
  • Pre-shipment export financing
  • Credit bills negotiation (post shipment finance)
  • Export letter of credit advising
  • Letter of credit confirmation
  • Export bills on collection services
  • Bank line discounting