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Being a leader and a dynamic player in the Capital Markets, Crédit Agricole Egypt will help you manage and control the financial markets risks, capitalizing on our well-established trading platform and supported by a dedicated and well experienced team.

To fulfill your needs and business objectives, Crédit Agricole Egypt offers you a wide variety of customized products. In addition, you will have access to market insights, trading services, analytics, presentations and innovative solutions across a broad spectrum of asset classes, in order to maximize your company’s performance.
Our dedicated team have extended working hours from 8:30 AM to 8:00 PM CLT (Cairo local time) to cover most of the time zones for the different financial centers across the world.
Our solutions include:

Foreign exchange

  • Spot, forward & swap
  • Foreign exchange options
  • Structured products
  • Yield enhancement products
  • Global watching of foreign exchange orders 24 hours/day

Fixed Income

  • Primary and secondary government debt markets (Treasury-Bills and Treasury-Bonds)
  • In-depth analysis of the market associated with close insight into recent trends

Risk Management and Derivatives Transactions

  • Hedging solutions to manage foreign exchange exposures
  • Interest rate derivatives to mitigate interest rate risk
  • Structured value-added solutions and investment ideas

Custodial Services

  • Custodial services for local and international equities including book keeping, coupon collections and GDR custody and execution