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Supporting Customers against the impact of Corona virus spread

Loans dues postponement for individuals

  • The loan installments will be postponed starting March for 6 months, applying the prevailing interest rate on the postponed amounts, and without late charges fees.
  • Postponement includes personal loans, mortgage finance, car finance and short term facilities.
  • Postponement does not include new facilities granted after this decision
  • Regular payment of installments will be resumed starting September 2020.
  • The prevailing interest rate will be applied on the postponed amounts and will be added on the remaining installments on your loan.
  • To know the amount of your new installment after addition of interest, a SMS will be sent to you before end of April.
  • Postponement will be processed automatically.
  • You can request to pay the installments regularly without benefiting from the postponement decision for six months. To submit a request please press this link

Postponement of Credit Cards dues

  • Feb statement due 24th of march (including Taqseet plan installment if applicable ), will be postponed for 6 months applying the prevailing interest rate on the postponed amount and without late fees charges, on the postponed amount and without late fees charges.
  • If you have an account with Credit Agricole with direct debit instructions, please note that those instruction will be suspended in March. In case of direct debit with full payment instructions (100%) you will receive shortly a special communication with more details.
  • You can still pay this due if you want to, through ATM, banki Mobile, banki Lite, banki Online or through the branches. It is recommended to use the digital channels to respect social distance and protect yourself.
  • Your statement is available on banki Mobile, banki Lite or banki Online.
  • The postponed due balance will be consumed from your existing limit and any payment will replenish the limit.

 Digital services for your safety: banki Mobile, Lite, Online and Wallet

  • For your safety and to avoid contamination risks, all the digital services are available: banki Mobile application, banki Lite,  banki Online and banki Wallet. Through these services, you can:
    • Inquire about your accounts balance and your last transactions
    • Know your cards balance, obtain your statement and unbilled transactions
    • Transfer funds inside Credit Agricole with no fees
    • Transfer funds to other banks (ACH) with no fees for 3 months
    • Pay bills and Credit Cards
    • Activate and block cards
    • Request cheque book.. and much more
  • To register and use the service, please click here
  • To download banki Mobile or banki Wallet

 More convenience and saving in your daily banking

  • All local transfer fees in EGP are waived for 3 months
  • Transfers fees between wallets are waived for 6 months
  • Withdrawal fees from any Credit Agricole or other bank ATM in Egypt are waived for 6 months : Debit and Credit Cards. (Credit Cards withdrawal is subject to interest as normal).
  • All card types purchase limits have been increased limits of (more info: Click Here)

banki Phone Service (19191) available 24/7

  • Upgraded Banki Phone Self-Service (cards blocking and activation, transfers,  mobile number change, accounts and cards  balances) is available 24/7
  • Given the current circumstances, Credit Agricole has adapted the Call Center’s accessibility as follows :
    • From 8 AM to 5 PM agent will receive your request and complains.
    • From 5 PM to 9 AM agents will focus only on cards blocking

This organization will be adapted according to any new changes.


  • Credit Agricole Branches welcome customers from 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM

  • Branches located inside clubs will be temporarily closed: Shooting Club – Dokki, Madinaty and Alex Sporting Club.

This organization will be adapted according to any new changes.


Please stay vigilant at all times.

  • For the security of your transactions, don’t share your personal data such as the card PIN, the CVV, and the cards expiry date.
  • For your health:
    • Use digital services and cards to reduce using cash and avoid contamination
    • Clean and sanitize your hands before and after using the ATM
    • Keep your social distance: leave a 1-2 meter distance between you and others; avoid crowded areas

* Terms and conditions apply. 

For more information, more details will be added consecutively and we thank you to continue following our website.