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Legal Referral

Legal Referral

› Inoculation and Entry Visa Requirement Information

SOS shall provide the Platinum Card member with information concerning visa and inoculation requirements for foreign countries.

› Interpreter Referral

SOS will provide the Platinum Card member with the names, addresses, telephone numbers and office hours for interpreters world-wide.


The First 90 days of any trip to be covered, which is outside the Platinum Card member’s principal country of residence.

Eligible Persons

  • Crédit Agricole Egypt Platinum Card member’s family members traveling with him/her on the journey

  • A maximum of three non- family members as long as they are traveling with the Platinum Card member

Contacts for Disputes and Claims

International SOS

6th Floor, Landmark House

Hammersmith Bridge Road

London W6 9DP.

If you require help when abroad please call the Visa Platinum Insurance help line:

Tel: +44 (0) 20 8762 8146.

* Reverse charge or collect call available via operator.