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› Telephone Medical Advice

If contacted, SOS will arrange for the provision of medical advice over the telephone.

› Medical Service Provider Referral

If contacted, SOS shall provide Platinum Card member with the names, addresses, telephone numbers and office of physicians, in addition to hospitals and clinics.

Monitoring of Medical Condition During and After Hospitalization

SOS will monitor the Platinum Card member’s medical condition during and after hospitalization.

› Delivery of Essential Medicine or Equipment

SOS will arrange to deliver essential medicine, drugs, medical supplies or medical equipment that are necessary for the Platinum Card member’s care and /or treatment but which are not available at card member’s location.

› Dispatch of Physician

In the event of an emergency where card member cannot be adequately assessed by telephone for possible evacuation, or cannot be moved and/ or the local medical treatment is unavailable, SOS will send an appropriate practitioner.

› Guarantee of Hospital Admittance Deposit

SOS will guarantee or pay any required hospital admittance deposit on the Platinum Card member’s behalf up to USD 2500.

› Arrangement of Transportation of Mortal Remains

In case of death of the Platinum Card member whilst abroad, SOS will assist with the necessary formalities and will arrange for repatriation of the mortal remains to any location as may be selected by the card member’s legal personal representative.

› Arrangement of Transportation to join a Hospitalized Card member

SOS will arrange for round trip transportation for a person chosen by the Platinum Card member to join him/her if he/she has been hospitalized.

› Arrangement of Return of Children

If dependent children are left unattended as a result of Platinum Card member’s Accident or Illness, SOS will arrange the transportation for such children by common carrier to their normal place of residence.


The First 90 days of any trip to be covered, which is outside the Platinum Card member’s principal country of residence.

Eligible Persons

  • Crédit Agricole Egypt Platinum Card member’s family members traveling with him/her on the journey
  • A maximum of three non- family members as long as they are traveling with the Platinum Card member

Contacts for Disputes and Claims

International SOS

6th Floor, Landmark House

Hammersmith Bridge Road

London W6 9DP.

If you require help when abroad please call the Visa Platinum Insurance help line:

Tel: +44 (0) 20 8762 8146.