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Mr. Philippe Brassac in visit to Egypt

During his visit to CA Egypt, the CEO of Crédit Agricole S.A. Group – Mr. Philippe Brassac expressed his satisfaction for the bank’s performance, reaffirmed the Group’s support, and inaugurated the newly established CAE Foundation for Development


Cairo, March…, 2018 – Credit Agricole Egypt has welcomed Mr. Philippe Brassac – Chief Executive Officer of Crédit Agricole S.A Group. – during his visit to Egypt. The two-day visit included a dinner with key customers in the presence of the French Ambassador and the Representative of the IMF. In addition, he met with CA Egypt teams and inaugurated the bank’s new Foundation for Development.

Mr. Philippe Brassac congratulated the Senior Management of CA Egypt for the very satisfactory performance achieved in 2017.He mentioned: “Crédit Agricole Egypt is a significant subsidiary for the Group operating in over 50 countries., CA Egypt’s strategy, customer-driven with strong focus on innovation, has proven its efficiency achieving both high customer satisfaction and return on equity”.

Mr. Brassac added that the Egyptian market presents an important potential for the Group. He forecasted an improvement of the Egyptian economy and re-affirmed the Group’s support to the continuing development of CA Egypt”.

He updated the Senior Management on the progress of the implementation of the Group’s Medium Term Plan “2020 Ambition” aiming to further confirm Credit Agricole’s leading position on its core business lines worldwide through an accelerated digital transformation as well as the strengthening of the synergy between the Group’s different entities and businesses.

In the context of the Group’s global ambition, he endorsed Credit Agricole Egypt’s new strategy which objective is to become a leading innovation-driven sustainable bank in Egypt. With this ambition, the bank will further place its responsibility and usefulness towards its customers, staff, environment and community at the heart of its development.

In the light of the above, Mr. Brassac officially inaugurated the newly established Credit Agricole Egypt’s Foundation for Development that will reinforce and expand the bank’s CSR activities. He commented: “Credit Agricole Egypt Foundation for Development demonstrates that stemming from our values, we believe that the mission of companies goes beyond making profits. They are more and more required to deliver benefits which should be reflected on the whole community”.

In conclusion, Mr. Pierre Finas – Managing Director of Credit Agricole Egypt – thanked Mr. Brassac for his visit, saying: “this is a recognition of the importance of the bank by Credit Agricole Group offering both the support to our growth and the international expertise which allow us to better serve our customers in Egypt”.

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