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The Minister of Electricity inaugurates Egypt’s largest bank-owned solar station

In recognition of CAE’s pioneer ecosystem strategy,
The Minister of Electricity inaugurates Egypt’s largest bank-owned solar station


Crédit Agricole Egypt’s Head Office:

  • Ranked Egypt’s top smart green building
  • Achieves best-in-class energy efficiency & operation rates in Egypt
  • First in Egypt and North Africa to obtain the LEED Platinum Certificate
  • Supports and participates in the country’s initiative to save energy and depend on renewable energy resources

 Cairo, July 27, 2017 – In recognition of the longstanding efforts by Crédit Agricole Egypt (CAE) to implement a state-of-the-art ecosystem sustainable strategy, the Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy Mohamed Shaker inaugurated the photovoltaic (PV) power station located on the roof of CAE’s Head Office in the 5th Settlement. The LE3.250 million station generates an average of 960 kilowatts (kWh) per day. The bank’s strategy aims at saving energy consumption while depending on renewable energy resources.

The inauguration was held at the bank’s head office, in the presence of the Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy Dr. Mohamed Shaker, the Chairman and Managing Director of Crédit Agricole Egypt François-Edouard Drion, Board of Directors and senior management and from Schneider’ side, the Cluster President NEA and Levant Walid Sheta and Vice President of Solar & Government Affairs of Sherif Abdel Fattah.

Minister Mohamed Shaker expressed his satisfaction towards the bank’s accomplishments, saying: “Crédit Agricole Egypt’s Head Office is a reference for the design of smart buildings. It is in alignment with the Egyptian government strategy aiming at the rationalization of energy consumption.” he stated. His Excellency added: “The Egyptian government is shifting towards new and renewable energy resources and the optimization of clean energy to curb the electricity load”.

CAE’s Chairman and Managing Director, François-Edouard Drion welcomed Minister Shaker’s visit and stated: “Crédit Agricole Egypt has adopted a sustainable ecofriendly strategy that has started since the early construction phases of the bank’s Head Office building, now Egypt’s top-ranked smart green building. This building has scored the best energy efficiency and operation rates, and obtained the first LEED Platinum Certificate in Egypt and North Africa”. Drion added: “This strategy is part of Crédit Agricole Egypt’s Corporate Social Responsibility engaging the bank towards protecting the environment. It is also in line with the values and practices of Crédit Agricole Group with its longstanding experience in the ecosystem field.”

“In recognition of our efforts, today we celebrate the inauguration of the largest solar station owned by a bank in Egypt. We are proud to be able to support and participate in the country’s initiative to save energy and depend on renewable energy resources. This inauguration demonstrates the bank’s confidence in Egypt’s economic growth, and it is an affirmation of the bank’s interest in playing a key role in this growth, by continuing to serve individuals and companies, and participate in community projects.”

Crédit Agricole Chairman and Managing Director expressed his appreciation of the partnership with Schneider, a reliable partner in the implementation of this strategy since its early stages. Schneider has provided the technical support and required expertise to make the bank’s plans come true.

In conclusion, Drion unveiled CAE’s ambitious plan to continue applying this leading strategy on the bank’s premises, promising to develop their eco-friendly strategies further and in accordance with their international standards.

It is worth mentioning that Crédit Agricole Egypt’s state-of-the-art eco-friendly strategy was initiated when establishing the bank’s head office building in the 5th Settlement, New Cairo.  It is now Egypt’s top-ranked smart building with the best-in-class energy efficiency rate, qualifying it for the first LEED Platinum Certificate in Egypt and North Africa.

About the CAE PV Power Station

Crédit Agricole Egypt installed a solar station with a capacity of 200 KWp  on the rooftop of the CAE Head Office in the 5th Settlement, Cairo.  This Solar station is expected to reduce the bank’s energy consumption rate by 7%. Crédit Agricole Egypt has always rationalized energy consumption, reducing carbon footprints and replacing them with clean energy. Accordingly, the power station was designed according to the highest global standards, to reduce impacts on human health and the environment, and to ration power resources.

About the new Crédit Agricole Egypt Head Office and LEED Certificate

 Crédit Agricole Egypt successfully obtained the Platinum LEED Certificate for its Head Office. The certificate is the most influential evaluation of various environmental, green building and sustainability standards in the world.

CAE Head Office was qualified for this certificate by depending on rationalized power consumption and water resources, while providing maximum comfort to its staff. It includes a modern setup branch, and various facilities which optimize the co-working environment, including a restaurant, cafeteria, gym, training and meeting rooms, and an auditorium with a 300 person capacity.

LEED stands for “Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design”, and is a building rating system established and promoted by the US Green Building Council in 1993. It is considered the most influential evaluation for various environmentally ‘green’ building and sustainability standards in the world. LEED certification not only embodies the importance that enterprises attach to employee and public comfort, but also represents their commitment to social responsibility through environmental protection and sustainable development.

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