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In recognition of their efforts during the COVID-19 crisis

  • Crédit Agricole Egypt honours the Shooting club members, doctors in public hospitals dedicated for the treatment of Coronavirus patients
  • A minute of silence in tribute of doctors deceased while treating covid-19 patients
  • Honouring the Shooting Club doctors is a continuation of the “Thank You” initiative in appreciation of the medics’ efforts
  • Crédit Agricole Egypt consolidates its bonds with the communities in which it operates through added-value initiatives

Cairo, December 8, 2020 – In light of its strategy aiming to become a leading sustainable bank through its proximity to its customers and society, Crédit Agricole Egypt has honoured 30 members of the Egyptian Shooting Club who are prominent doctors on the front lines in treating Covid-19 patients in government public hospitals. The ceremony was held at the Egyptian Shooting Club, in the presence of Crédit Agricole Egypt Deputy Managing Director and Chief Commercial Officer Walie Lotfy, Shooting Club Chairperson Mr. Mohsen Tantawy, and a number of the bank’s top management and members of the club’s board.

The list of honoured doctors comprised the heads of government public hospitals that are dedicated in treating COVID-19 patients, as well as two doctors who lost their lives during their fight against the pandemic. Attendees stood for a moment of silence for the lives of medical staff members who deceased as they were treating patients infected with the virus.

During the ceremony; Crédit Agricole Egypt Deputy Managing Director and Chief Commercial Officer Walie Lotfy said: “Crédit Agricole’s relationship with the communities in which it operates goes beyond business. An inherent part in the bank’s strategy is serving the community. This is in line with the raison d’etre of Crédit Agricole Group, which has been keen, since the beginning of the pandemic, on providing all forms of support to its clients and societies, especially doctors who are on the forefront with Covid-19 patients. We consider the Shooting Club community as a small reflection of the entire Egyptian society. Honouring the club’s members who work in the dedicated public hospitals is an extension of the “Thank You” initiative launched by Crédit Agricole Egypt in the beginning of the pandemic outbreak, to show our appreciation for the great efforts exerted by doctors during this period.”

He added: “Crédit Agricole seeks to consolidate ties with the communities in which it operates through added-value initiatives. We consider the Shooting Club a strategic partner for the bank. Throughout a 30-year partnership, we participated in many initiatives, the most recent aims at supporting financial inclusion and the transformation to a cashless society by providing a new banking experience in line with the Central Bank of Egypt’s directives.”

The Shooting Club Chairperson Mr. Mohsen Tantawy said: “We are proud of our partnership with Crédit Agricole Egypt, which extends for thirty years. During this period, the bank has been involved in all activities and not just a regular business partner. Crédit Agricole Egypt honouring the club’s members who worked in public hospitals or honouring the families of our martyrs is evidence that it is part of the social fabric of the Shooting Club and the entire Egyptian society. “

Following the spread of the pandemic, Crédit Agricole Egypt has launched a number of initiatives to serve the medical sector. These include the cooperation between the bank’s Foundation for Development with Ahl Misr Foundation to provide government hospitals with necessary medical equipment for the treatment of Coronavirus patients: three ventilators, fully equipped intensive care units, and ultrasound devices, in addition to other basic equipment needed in intensive care units for four hospitals in the Delta and Upper Egypt. The bank also launched the “Thank You” initiative to support medics, by exempting them from all administrative expenses on loans, credit cards, and accounts and prioritized their service at all its branches to save their time.

The support for the medical sector was also extended to the bank’s employees who participated in a fundraising campaign to buy personal protection kits for the medical teams in quarantine hospitals. Through this initiative, the bank doubled every Egyptian pound donated by its staff. At the end of the campaign, Crédit Agricole Egypt and the bank’s employees were able to provide 1,500 personal protection kits for medical staff.

In continuation of this initiative, Crédit Agricole Egypt will soon organize a celebration to honour the doctors who play a vital role in the treatment of the pandemic in Alexandria Sporting Club, where the bank has a very strong footprint.

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