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Employed Cash Loan

Do you want to take a nice long vacation? Or maybe you are considering to buy something new for you or your family but you are having second thoughts due to cash limitation?



Fulfill your dreams  now and apply for Employed Cash Loan program from Crédit Agricole!


  • Loan amount up to 500,000 EGP
  • Competitive interest rate
  • Flexible repayment schedules up to 7 years
  • Free life insurance during the loan period
  • Possibility to increase your loan amount during the loan period
  • Easy installment payment methods through a large network of ATMs
  • Easy way to monitor your loan account through banki digital services
  • Convenience through Special branches working 7 days a week
  • Possibility to pay by:
    • Transferring your salary to Crédit Agricole
    • Ask your company to only transfer the loan’s installment from your salary
    • Just depositing your installment or transfer the amount from your bank account


  • Employed salaried customers
  • Minimum net monthly salary EGP 3,500
  • Minimum working experience at the company 6 months
  • Minimum age of 22-year-old and a maximum of 60-year-old at loan maturity
  • Egyptian nationality


  • Valid National ID
  • Recent residence utility bill
  • Valid HR letter or last 6 months’ salary slips

To apply, visit your nearest branch or call 19191
Terms & conditions apply