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Cards International Spend Limits

Now you can enjoy higher purchase & cash withdrawal limits outside Egypt using Crédit Agricole Debit Card!

Please make sure to notify the bank before travelling abroad to enjoy using your card safely. Contact 19191

Monthly International Spend Limits

Card Type Cash limit $ / month Purchase Limit $ / month
All CAE Debit cards (primary or supplemntary) Up to 100% balance consumption
All CAE Credit cards (primary or supplementary) Up to Credit Card Limit
Prepaid Card 200 1000

Important Notes:

  • USD rate is calculated based on the daily published USD rate from the bank
  • Markup fees for Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) in EGP outside Egypt / or for online transactions: 3%
  • All Visa Debit Cards are eligible for online transactions which is up to 100% of the customer account balance and secured with the new service “Safe Shopping“


CAE Cards usage has been suspended in Nepal & Dominican