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Cards International Spend Limits


Now you can enjoy higher purchase & cash withdrawal limits outside Egypt using Crédit Agricole Debit Card!

Please make sure to notify the bank before travelling abroad to enjoy using your card safely. Contact 19191

The international cash withdrawals & purchases and internet transactions limits of all Crédit Agricole Egypt Debit Cards have been amended.

Monthly International Spend Limits

Card Type Cash limit $ / month Purchase Limit $ / month
All CAE Debit cards (primary or supplemntary) Up to 100% balance consumption
Infinite Credit Card 6,250 35,000
Platinum / Fidele Credit Card
/ and Shooting Club Platinum cards
2,000 12,000
Gold Credit Card 1,250 8,000

Classic Card includes:
Credit Cards: Classic Credit/Shooting Credit Card/ AUC.

500 3,000
Prepaid Card 200 1,000

Important Notes:

  • USD rate is calculated based on the daily published USD rate from the bank
  • Markup fees for Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) in EGP outside Egypt / or for online transactions: 3% Debit Cards
  • All Visa Debit Cards are eligible for online transactions which is up to 100% of the customer account balance and secured with the new service “Safe Shopping
  • If you are a holder of more than one CAE debit primary card then you will be able to access up to 100% of the account balance
  • For customers holding multiple credit cards/prepaid cards (Primary of supplementary):
    1. The international spend limits will be calculated on the basis of the  highest card category limit available with customer
    2. All CAE Cards Credit Cards & Prepaid Cards (Primary & supplementary) will share the same monthly international spend limit
    3. The international limit could be consumed by any of the available Credit cards & prepaid cards (either primary or supplementary). i.e: If customer has a Platinum Credit Card & Gold Credit Card, then the international limit applicable is the limit related to the highest card category only, which is in this case is the Platinum Credit Card. It will not be the sum of the limits of both cards
  • The monthly International spend limit will be calculated starting from day 1 to 30th /31st from the same month
  • In case customer acquires a higher / Lower card category during any month, then the international limits will be adjusted automatically as per the new card (after the deduction of the international spend volumes performed during the same month – if any)
  • For customers’ holders of Prepaid Cards only, the above mentioned limits will be applied regardless to the count of cards in his/her custody

* CAE Cards usage has been suspended in Nepal & Dominican