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Loan Dues Postponement

Loan dues postponement for individuals

  • The loan installments will be postponed starting March for 6 months, applying the prevailing interest rate on the postponed amounts, and without late charges fees.
  • Postponement includes personal loans, mortgage finance, car finance and short term facilities.
  • Postponement does not include new facilities granted after this decision
  • Regular payment of installments will be resumed starting September 2020.
  • The prevailing interest rate will be applied on the postponed amounts and will be added on the remaining installments on your loan.
  • To know the amount of your new installment after addition of interest, a SMS will be sent to you before end of April.
  • Postponement will be processed automatically.
  • You can request to pay the installments regularly without benefiting from the postponement decision for six months. To submit a request, please fill the below request form:


Request to cancel loan postponement

This is to submit a request to Credit Agricole Egypt to pay regularly the installments of my loan and not to benefit from the Central Bank’s postponement decision for six months.


Important notes:

  • Please submit your request one time.
  • To request the postponement cancelation and continue paying regularly your installments, please send by SMS the code “LIC” to 01204419191 before May 7th