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Are you worried from carrying around a lot of cash?

Are you worried from carrying around a lot of cash?
This is why the special designed Gold Debit Card is the optimum solution for you.

It is linked directly to your bank account and will act as your mean of purchasing with a limit up to 100,000 EGP or 20,000 EGP daily cash withdrawal from any ATM. So no need to carry cash anymore. This is in addition to the other Gold card advantages providing different offers and benefits to your delight.

Features and Benefits:

  • Purchasing limit up to 100,000 EGP
  • Daily cash withdrawal from any ATM 20,000 EGP
  • Free primary card issuance /renewal fees
  • Instant discounts at reputable merchants. (For CAE offers, click here. For VISA offers, download the visa explorer application).
  • SMS Alert Service
  • Free point of sale transaction
  • Possibility to link 4 additional accounts to the card (for ATM transactions only)
  • Possibility to issue 3 additional supplementary cards for 1st degree relatives
  • Bill payment service from your account – FAWRY
  • 3 years validity