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Did your car break down and you need help?

Did your car break down and you need help?
The package offers you a FREE Road Side assistance service.

If you need to change your car tires, ran out of fuel or car broke down, simply call the service provider and they will come to the rescue instantly and they will handle the matter in minutes.
Service is available 24/7, covering all areas in Egypt.

The service includes the following:
1. Towing of the vehicle
In case of car breakdown or accident which causing immobilization of the vehicle, the company will arrange to tow or transport the client vehicle to the nearest  repair shop or the client’s home address with the limit of 220 KM.
Any extra Km or request for any other service shall be calculated and paid by the client to the provider.

2. Battery re-charging
If the covered vehicle does not start due to battery discharge, the company will send a technician to recharge it or use external battery to temporarily start up the car.
The company is not in charge of maintaining your battery.

3. Tire replacement
If the Covered Vehicle has a punctured tire, the company will send someone to replace it with the spare.
Neither supplying of spare parts or replacement elements are included in this coverage.

4. Fuel Delivery
If the covered vehicle ran out of fuel, the company can provide up to an agreed number of liters depending on fuel availability and the ability to obtain it. Fees will be charged to the client.
In case the company can’t provide the service, the company will drive the customer to the nearest fuel station to get the fuel.

5. Bring the vehicle back to the road
In case the covered vehicle got stuck or slid off-road, the company will assist in bringing it back to the road using the ordinary towing trucks under the customer responsibility.
If any expenses occurred,  it will be charged on the client  and the company will reimburse the customer with 100 EGP upon furnishing the original invoices.

6. Relay of urgent messages
The company can relay urgent messages on the client’s behalf if it was related to any of the events covered in the service.

7. Supply of information
The company will take charge of supplying the client with any necessary  info concerning car center services, hospitals, ambulance, and any other needed info regarding accident or breakdown.


  • All the services are valid for a one subscribed vehicle which listed in the service provider’ system and the customer has the right only one time per year to change his vehicle entitled for the service
  • Vehicle age: not exceeding: 15 years
  • To enjoy any of the services, the customer should call the company before taking any related action. If not, any services arranged by the customer shall not be covered or reimbursed
  • You are entitled to request the same service (for the same problem) twice a month except for the fuel delivery
  • Should have the car license as ownership proof of the car
  • To claim the service, customer should receive a confirmation SMS first from the company prior providing the service and customer must present the original invoices to the company


The company will not be liable to provide any assistance for any of the following:
  • Fraudulent acts by the client or any other person seeking to claim the service.
  • Extraordinary phenomena such as floods, earthquakes etc…
  • Terrorism mutinies, riots, wars or any actions by the armed forces or security forces.
  • The driver of the vehicle:
    • Being under the influence of drugs toxic or narcotic substances or even drunk.
    • Doesn’t have a driving license corresponding to the class of the vehicle.
    • The contravention of regulations relating to the carriage of persons, animals or objects in the vehicle which were the reason or part of causing the accident or event to request the service.
  • Participated in rallies or trials competitions or sports
  • Conducted criminal or illegal acts
  • The absence of the car keys
  • The neglected or long time stored cars