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Need to do some serious shopping for yourself and your family?

Need to do some serious shopping for yourself and your family?
There is no holding back anymore with the OPTIME Gold Credit Card.

Now, you can shop what your heart desires; for you will get a credit limit that can reach up to 50,000 EGP! Not only so, you will also enjoy other discounts and reward programs that will make your shopping experience more memorable.

Features and Benefits:

  • Card limit up to 50,000 EGP
  • Special discount on issuance/renewal fees
  • Up to 56-day interest free period on all purchases
  • 5% minimum monthly repayment
  • Worldwide acceptance at over 32 million establishments
  • Worldwide cash access at over 1 million ATMs, 24/7
  • Optional credit shield insurance
  • Advanced fraud protection
  • SMS Alert Service
  • 24/7 call center
  • Up to 3 supplementary cards
  • Up to 60% cash withdrawal of total available credit limit
  • Reward Box program
  • Special discounts and offers with selected merchants throughout the year
  • Convenient repayment through Crédit Agricole extensive branch network, Online Banking, direct debit instructions, banki Mobile & banki Phone or CAE ATMs
  • Online Banking service (Balance inquiry, unbilled transactions, last 6 months statements and card blocking)
  • Travel Insurance program