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Visa Credit card TRIO offer

With Crédit Agricole… Enjoy TRIO offer


Your Card issuance is free!

Your first purchase transaction is free!

Not only, you can swift your purchases at 0% for 6 months!

Apply now for your free Visa Credit Card, to enjoy all of that and more…


Apply now for your free Visa Credit Card by visiting the nearest branch or Online: click here to enjoy all of that and more…

Terms& Conditions:

  • Offer is valid from February 05st 2024, till April 30th 2024
  • Offer is valid for new to bank & existing customers who are not Visa credit card holders
  • Offer is valid for the new Primary card only
  • Offer is valid for all Visa credit cards types ( Gold, Platinum & Infinite) except Visa Corporate credit card
  • The International spending limit will be activated after 6 months from the credit card issuance date, this applies on the international spending limit inside Egypt or in case of travelling abroad.
  • The eligible cards will be based on the card application date that must be within the campaign acquisition duration. Knowing that the issuance fees will be deducted normally on the eligible customers, and then it will be refunded when the customer managed to activate his/her card in a maximum of one month from the issuance date (noting that the issuance month not considered).
  • In case the customer’s request to upgrade his/her card, the customer will be eligible for Taksit & Cash back offers only

Installment plan criteria:

  • Minimum installment amount is EGP 3,000 (Single or multiple purchase transactions)
  • Taksit request(s) during the campaign capped at EGP 20,000 (Single or total of multiple transactions including primary & supplementary cards transactions)
  • All Purchases transactions will be eligible to the offer whether through shopping at stores, online or governmental payments
  • The customer should call the customer service center 19191 to request “ Taksit”  service after 2 days from the purchase transaction date
  • Please don’t settle the installment amount till your “Taksit” request is successfully processed. In case of the amount payment or the payment of an amount exceeding the credit card limit, the installment request will not be executed
  • The installment service can be requested on any day, except the last day of the month
  • The last day to request the installment service, as shown in the following table:
Card issuance date Last day for eligible purchase transactions Last day to request “Taksit” service
February March, 31st  2024 April, 15th of 2024
March April,30th 2024 May,15 th of 2024
April May, 31st 2024 June, 15 th of 2024


Cash back criteria:

  • 100% Cash back on your first purchase transaction only
  • Cashback will be granted at the end of the following month from the date of the first transaction
  • Cashback is granted on new cards only
  • Cashback will not be granted in case of canceling the card before the cashback due date
Card Type Eligible cash back
Gold EGP 300
Platinum EGP 500
Infinite EGP 700

The bank has the right to suspend the offer at any point of time without prior notification.

Terms & Conditions applies