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banki Wallet

banki Wallet by Credit Agricole.. couldn’t be easier!!

For your convenience, Crédit Agricole introduces a new member to its banki digital banking platform: banki Wallet!

To further facilitate your banking experience, we offer you a new tool which can be used through a wide network of Fawry agents, supplementing our branches and ATMs. Using your banki Wallet mobile App, you can withdraw or deposit cash, make Fawry bill payments, transfer or send money between wallets (in Credit Agricole Egypt or any other bank in Egypt) and much more..! 
Moreover, you can also enjoy a friendly interface for a better customer experience.

Features and Benefits:

  • For the first time in Egypt, you have the ability to self-register directly from banki Wallet, without the need to go to a branch
  • Load your banki Wallet from Crédit Agricole Card or account or recharge by making deposits through Fawry agents
  • Send money from your banki Wallet to any other wallet (in CAE or any other bank)
  • Withdraw or deposit money from your wallet through Fawry agents
  • Perform Fawry bill payments
  • Save transfers or payments for future use
  • Application interface available in English and Arabic

Note: customers with mobile numbers under corporate names or using a mobile with different owner’s name will not be able to register.

You can download banki Wallet through: