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banki Wallet

banki Wallet by Credit Agricole.. couldn’t be easier!!

For your convenience, Crédit Agricole introduces a new member to its banki digital banking platform: banki Wallet!

Credit Agricole brings you day to day banking convenience, with an exceptional easy to use experience on banki Wallet, as part of our banki bouquet of products.

banki Wallet is part of the nationwide MEEZA network, it is also the first wallet in Egypt allowing you to download and self-register, at the convenience of your home (for Credit Agricole Customers)

Moreover, you can also enjoy a friendly interface for a better customer experience.

Using banki Wallet you can now:

  • Download and Self register now (no need to visit the branch)
  • Load your banki Wallet from your Credit Agricole Card or account or recharge it by making deposits through an ATM (ATMs enabled with this service) or through Fawry agents
  • Make instant transfers easily to any wallet in Egypt, by simply choosing the mobile number of the beneficiary from your contact list (or insert his mobile number manually)
  •  Save transfers or payments for future use
  • Pay your bills (powered by Fawry bill payment)
  • Application interface is available in English and Arabic
  • And now with cooperation with Meeza Digital Services you can receive transfers on your wallet from any other bank`s account in Egypt.

Note: customers with mobile numbers under corporate names or using a mobile with different owner’s name will not be able to register.

New Features

  • Withdraw or deposit money from your wallet through ATMs (ATMs enabled with this service) or through Fawry agents
  • Pay your dues by scanning the QR code at various merchants


You can download banki Wallet through:


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