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Infinite Credit Card

Banking in a stellar style

It is beyond an ordinary black of plastic, for it compasses luxury, influence and superior spending power right under your fingertips. It combines a universe of opportunities with a very concrete security.

Hence, if you seek perfection and relish the indulgence this world can offer, then surely, you can have it all… Yes, It is no wonder it is called Visa infinite offered to you by Crédit Agricole.

Card Activation

  • To unleash your Crédit Agricole Visa Infinite possibilities, simply activate your card by calling your dedicated Crédit Agricole call center “19077”. For verification, make sure to have your national ID card with you
  • You will automatically receive an activation code on your mobile phone
  • Create an ATM PIN during the call
  • Please visit the nearest Crédit Agricole ATM to perform a balance inquiry transaction to confirm the PIN created

Infinite Access

Visa Infinite Concierg

Want the stars in the palm of your hands

    • With your entirely complimentary Concierge Service, enjoy a round-the-clock personal assistant, making the most of wherever you find yourself
    • Visa Infinite Concierge Service will make your day… By the snap of your finger, all what you desire will be done in Egypt and anywhere around the globe
    • Even more, you can share this benefit with your beloved ones who carry the Supplementary Crédit Agricole Visa Infinite Credit Card
    • You will be surprised with perfect recommendations coming at the perfect moment, taking note of your personal taste and preferences, such as:


    • Information, advice and reservations: air, rail and ferry travel, hotels, apartments, cottages and villas…
    • Car hire, chauffeur reservations and airport transfers
    • Travel and health advice


    • Restaurant information, suggestions and booking


    • Out-of-hours store access
    • Personal shoppers
    • Purchase deliveries


  • Suggestions and tickets for sporting, social, musical and cultural events
  • Wedding organizers and event/party planning
  • Catering – for two to two thousand
  • Property management, maintenance and even more

This service is available inside and outside Egypt.

This service is just a phone call away. To find the number you need to call:

  • In Egypt: 02 25100200 followed by 800 609 2753
  • For all countries: +9714 361 1234
  • For more details, terms and conditions, visit: or contact CAE call center: 19077

Travel Reassured

Full Multi-Trip Insurance

Want someone to handle your worries

When you use your Crédit Agricole Visa Infinite Credit Card to pay 100% of the trip related air-tickets for you and your accompanying family members, you can forget all about buying travel insurance. Infinite means an automatic enrollment in comprehensive travel insurance for everyone in the family, wherever you travel, business or leisure. Travel insurance ranges from Emergency Medical expenses, Personal accident cover, Travel delay to Baggage delay and even more…

So when you get the opportunity to try snowboarding or kite surfing, Visa Infinite Card Full Multi-Trip Travel Insurance protects you and your family for up to 90 days’ duration at wherever you are.

This service is available outside Egypt.

  • For more information, please click here to check the travel insurance coverage items & amounts along with the service terms and conditions
  • This service is just a phone call away. Please call: + 44(0) 203 284 1111
  • For more assistance, please refer to the Concierge Service: 02 25100200 followed by 800 609 2753
  • For more details, terms and conditions, visit: or contact CAE call center: 19077

Travel Prepared

Medical and Legal Referral Service

Don’t know the Nepalese for appendicitis

A phrase book is not the best way to ensure a sound medical diagnosis or give you the upper hand in a legal dispute, especially when you are abroad. Benefit from the Medical and Legal Referral Service to put you in touch with a trusted ISOS-audited medical practitioner or a legal professional who talks your language. However you will be responsible for the service cost provided by third parties.

This service is available outside Egypt only.

Crisis Response Assistance

When you are faced with a crisis which has directly caused or has the potential to cause serious bodily harm to you or your family such as wrongful detention, kidnapping, violent crime, blackmail/ extortion, hi-jack, or terrorism, Visa has a worldwide network of crisis response consultants with local knowledge and country specific expertise available to assist. They will provide advice and support, based upon their experience, and are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

This service is available inside and outside Egypt.

  • For Medical and Legal Referral Service, please call: +44(0) 208 762 8373
  • For Crisis Response Assistance, please call: +44(0) 769 970 2654
  • For more assistance, please refer to the Concierge Service: 02 25100200 followed by 800 609 2753
  • For more details, terms and conditions, visit: or contact CAE call center: 19077

Travel Enjoy

Global Customer Assistance Service

Need a hand to make the wrong right

Sometimes when you are abroad, a trivial problem can lead to an emergency. Whether you happen to lose your card or money, or simply need someone who speaks your language, Global Customer Assistance Service can be your safe exit.

  • Lost and Stolen Card Reporting

    Once the card is missing, contact the Global Customer Service Center from anywhere in the world, night or day. Your card account will be blocked within 30 minutes.

  • Emergency Card Replacement

    We have all lost a card. What counts is getting a replacement fast, so that you don not miss a single beat of your holiday or business trip. There is no need to worry, call the Global Customer Service Center from anywhere around the world to get you a replacement within 24 hours – or one business day – delivered to you.

  • Emergency Cash Disbursement

    In case you lose your cash or luggage etc. why make it ruin your trip. Simply contact Visa Global Customer Assistance Service Center and you will get up to US$5,000 (subject to your available credit limit) delivered directly to you. Alternatively, another location of a nearby bank can be proposed for you to make a withdrawal.

  • Emergency Payment Authorization

    If the card got lost or stolen, and you need to cover a payment, don’t let this spoil your moment for you will get a back-up. Contact Visa Global Customer Assistance Service Center and they will handle the matter with the concerned party, authorizing the requested payment.

The above services are subject to charges.
These services are available outside Egypt only.

  • Please call: 02 25100200 followed by 866 654 0128
  • For more assistance, please refer to the Concierge Service: 02 25100200 followed by 800 609 2753
  • For more details, terms and conditions, visit: or contact CAE call center: 19077

Shop with Confidence

Shopping Insurance

Accidentally ruined or lost a brand new purchase

Don’t let a misfortune spoil the pleasure of a special purchase, for it can always be fixed. Whether you need a repairmen or replacement, let your Crédit Agricole Visa Infinite Card work on it.

Purchase Protection

Ink on a new jacket or perhaps your new mobile has just been stolen. If bad luck strikes within 90 days to an item purchased by your Infinite card in Egypt or even abroad, take advantage of your automatic cover. It reaches up to US$5,000 per item, US$7,500 per incident and US$20,000 maximum per year. Just call and put your misfortune behind you.

For purchases made inside and outside Egypt.

Extended Warranty

When you buy quality, you expect it to last. That is why your purchases made with your Visa Infinite credit card in Egypt are automatically covered up to $5,000 per item, $7,500 per year maximum against mechanical failure for an additional 12 months on the original 12 month warranty. Then if the retailer or manufacturer won’t repair or replace your purchase, just give a call.

Online Banking Service

Monitor and control your Visa Infinite Credit Card account anytime and anywhere, with CAE’s secure Online Banking Service. To register, please visit and click on Register Now.

Through this service, you can:

  • Inquire about your current balance, available credit limit, unbilled transactions, and last 6 months’ statements
  • Real-time credit card Payment, directly from your account at Crédit Agricole Egypt
  • Block your card in case lost or stolen
  • Settle your mobile phone bills (Mobinil & Etisalat)
  • Register in the SMS Alerts service

Supplementary Cards

You can share the privileges of your Visa Infinite Credit Card with up to 4 first degree family members whom are at least 16 years of age through issuing them supplementary cards.

Balance Transfer

You can transfer the outstanding balances related to all your other credit cards issued from other banks to your CAE Visa Infinite Credit Card and enjoy a 3-month interest-free period on the transferred amount. Just make sure that your transferred balances do not exceed the available credit limit on your Infinite Credit Card.

Credit Shield

You can benefit from an optional comprehensive credit cover on your outstanding balance in the unfortunate event of death. A premium is charged at 0.08% of your monthly outstanding balance.
This premium will be reflected on your credit card statement.

Interest Rate

Monthly Interest Rate 2.5%

  • Payroll customers: 2.5% monthly interest rate for the customers whose salaries transferred to the bank.
  • Taksit service : Special interest rates for Taksit service up to 60 months, as follow:



13 Months

24 Months

36 Months

48 Months

60 Months

New Annual Takseet Interest Rates







New Monthly Takseet Interest Rate