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Cards International Spend Limits

Dear Valued Customer,

 Thank you for banking with Crédit Agricole!

Within the framework of our bank to provide the best services, we are sharing with you CAE Credit Cards New international limits

International Monthly /Daily spend limits for all Credit Cards types:

Credit Cards

Classic, Gold, Platinum, Infinite & Business Cards



Not Available



International Spending limits for CAE Credit Cards holder’s travelers:

Equivalent to EGP 60,000 for purchases transactions “POS & E-commerce”, and equivalent to EGP 5000 cash withdrawals (within card available limit) – upon customer request.


How to activate your international limit through the bank?

You can request to activate your international spending limit through Three channels:

With the below details:

  • Full name
  • National ID number or Passport number
  • Last four digits of the credit card number that you wish to activate for the international spending limits
  • Travel duration
  • Valid E-mail

In case of receiving incorrect data, the bank will ask for some clarifications.

Therefore, Please ensure to fulfill the above information accurately, to be able to execute your request

The required documents in case of travelling or extending the travelling date:

  • Copy of passport “Personal data page”
  • Copy of passport stamped page “Departure date + Arrival date at destination”
  • A proof, in case of exceeding the grace period of 90 days


How to submit your travelling documents?

The only channel to submit your travelling documents is by sending an email to ,

Including the below details:

  • Full name
  • National ID number or Passport number
  • Last four digits of your credit card number that you asked to activate the international spending limits on it
  • Valid E-mail

Noting that it is mandatory to submit the required documents in a maximum of 90 days from your request date. In case the documents are not submitted within the mentioned duration, the case will be reported to I-score and expose you to prohibition of issuing credit cards and/or accessing banking services in the future.

In case of receiving incorrect documents, the bank will ask for some clarifications.

In case of travelling with medical reason, below is the required documents in addition to what are mentioned above:

  • A letter from the hospital with the card holder name or concerning first-degree relatives to be submitted in advance
  • The required documents should be submitted in a maximum of 90 days from your travel date


When the bank will execute with your request?

  • The international spending limits shall be executed two working days from travelling date
  • Branches working hours to receive the request is from 8:30 am till 3:30 pm. The submitted request during official holidays will be handled on the next working day


Additional Guidelines:

  • The international limits of $250 includes all purchase transactions “POS & E-commerce (Online)”
  • Travel documents are not required while submitting the international spending activation request
  • In case of your trip will be extended above the 90 days’ duration, you are required to provide the proof for the extended period & determine the new “Departure date + Arrival date “
  • In case the customer is holding more than one primary credit card, only one credit card type will be subject to the international spending limit activation
  • A separate mail should be submitted for activating international spending limits for the supplementary credit card
  • The activated international spending limit will be disabled based on the return back date already communicated in the request without prior notification
  • Monthly recurring subscription transactions can be covered from the above limits
  • No changes applied on the bank’s Tariff
  • USD rate is calculated based on CAE daily published USD rate
  • Markup Fees: 8%
  • Limits will be refreshed at the beginning of every month 
  • International spending at certain merchant categories will be restricted or limited on credit cards
  • International purchase of jewelry is restricted in some countries
  • Contactless services are suspended internationally
  • Customer will receive a SMS once we received the international spending limit activation request
  • Customer will receive a SMS once we activate the international spending limit


Disclaimer: We take your privacy seriously and are committed to protecting your personal information. By submitting this form, you acknowledge that the information you provide will be used solely for the purpose of processing your request.

The bank has the right to accept or reject the request without prior notification


Terms & conditions apply.