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Crédit Agricole Debit Cards

Your quick way to your bank!

Using Crédit Agricole VISA Debit Cards are quicker than making a trip to the bank, more convenient than queuing for a cash withdrawal and safer than carrying cash.

The debit cards are payment cards linked to your bank accounts, where you can use them at more than 32 million establishments and more than 1 million ATM for cash withdrawal 24/7 worldwide

Crédit Agricole offers you a various selection of debit cards that suit your needs.

Features & Benefits:


  • Access to foreign currency at favorable exchange rates at ATMs around the world
  • Enjoy a non interest card issued in Egyptian Pounds
  • A valuable financial management tool for monitoring funds on deposit, allowing control of spending


Guaranteed security though the embedded security chip that requires you to enter your ATM PIN every time you use your card for cash withdrawals or purchase transactions at merchants.


  • Possibility to link 4 additional accounts to the card (for ATM transactions only, not for purchases)
  • Possibility to issue 3 additional supplementary cards for 1st degree relatives
  • 3 years’ validity


Daily Usage Limits

Card Type

Purchase limit EGP

Cash limit EGP

Classic Debit Card



Gold Debit Card


Platinum Debit Card


Offers & Discounts

Enjoy now a wide range of travel, dining, shopping and lifestyle offers upon using your new Crédit Agricole VISA Debit Card, you can easily check the updated offers through:

For more information about Crédit Agricole debit cards fees, please check the bank tariff on the bank website.