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Crédit Agricole Egypt Visa Business Debit Card

Enjoy convenient purchasing by using Crédit Agricole Egypt Visa Business Debit Card, which will help you manage your cash efficiently and enjoy your work life balance.

Features & Benefits:

Towards cashless & paperless

Crédit Agricole Egypt Visa Business Debit Card eliminates the need to write checks and use cash to make your business transactions.

Worldwide Acceptance

Visa Business Debit Card is accepted at millions of merchants and is the easiest and fastest way to buy at any of those merchants who accept Visa.

Visibility & Budgeting

All transactions are detailed on the monthly statement, so that you know exactly how much money was spent and for what. This allows you to plan your expenses properly and control your budget, in addition to monitoring your deposits / withdrawals on your corporate accounts through CAE digital channel: banki Online.

Easy cash deposit

Your representatives can deposit cash to your company’s account through our ATMs 24/7, including official holidays and weekends.


Crédit Agricole Egypt Business Debit Card is Valid for 4 years and the card is renewed automatically.



Secured online transactions:

Through Crédit Agricole Egypt Business Debit Card, you can shop online easily and safely- as One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your registered mobile number with every transaction at 3D secure participating merchants.

Wave & GO Contactless service:

Save your time & enjoy faster daily small shopping errands, just by a simple wave with your contactless card! You’ll pay with no need to insert the card in the POS for every transaction & type your PIN code every time, SMS will be sent to you with the transaction details post payment to ensure your safety & security.

  • Contactless service is offered to all Crédit Agricole card holders (Credit, Debit, Local, international, primary & Supplementary)
  • Maximum Contactless transaction amount without entering a PIN code is EGP 600 or its equivalent in foreign currency with maximum daily count of 5 contactless transactions, all rest of transactions will require inserting the card inside the POS and typing the PIN code.



 Enjoy a wide range of travelling, dining, shopping and lifestyle offers upon using your new Crédit Agricole VISA Business Debit Card; you can easily check the updated offers through:  offers & discounts page


For more information about Crédit Agricole Business Debit Card fees, please check the bank tariff on our official website.


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