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“Taksit” service

Apply now for Visa Crédit Agricole Credit Card and enjoy “Taksit” service on your purchases up to 12 months with 0% interest rate..

  • The offer is valid on new Gold & Platinum, Credit Cards issued till June 30th, 2022 for new and existing customers who are not Visa Crédit Agricole Credit cards’ holders.
  • The offer is not valid for Corporate credit cards.
  • The installments over 12 months with 0% interest ““Taksit” offer” is valid for Platinum Credit cards only.
  • The installments over 3 months with 0% interest ““Taksit” offer” is valid for Gold Credit cards only.
  • The offer is valid on all purchases transactions inside/outside Egypt or online, from the issuance date of the card until 28 July 2022.
  • The minimum purchase transaction/s request for “Taksit” (whether single or multiple transactions) is EGP 3,000.
  • The maximum “Taksit” for Gold Credit card holders is EGP 10,000/customer & for Infinite & Platinum Credit card holders is EGP 20,000/customer (noting that maximum limit for Taksit per customer includes all purchases done through Primary & Supplementary cards)
  • The last date for requesting “Taksit” service is 30 August, 2022.
  • To request & benefit from “Taksit” service, please contact 19191 (After 2 days from the purchase transaction date).

Balance Transfer Offer:

  • Existing & New credit cards are eligible to benefit from “Balance Transfer” offer.
  • Interest will not be charged on the transferred amount for the first 6 months. All other balances resulting from new purchases or cash advance transactions will be subject to standard interest rates and calculation
  • A monthly minimum payment of 5% is mandatory and applied on the total outstanding amount including the transferred balance(s) and any other purchase or cash advance transactions
  • Transferred amounts should not exceed the available credit limit on Crédit Agricole Credit card (100% of the credit limit can be used)
  • After 6 months, any remaining unpaid amounts from the balance transfer will be automatically added to the normal Credit card balance and standard interest rates will be applied
  • The card member can request the balance transfer once every calendar year.


The bank has the right to suspend the offer at any point without prior notification.

Terms and conditions apply.

Taxation no.: 204-896-843