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Prepaid card

Good things happen with your CAE Prepaid Card!

Have fun, buy what you want and enjoy peace-of-mind at its best with Crédit Agricole Prepaid Cards!
Simply charge your card with what you want to spend, and enjoy spending anywhere even online.
It is also a safer payment mean to give to your teens or use it when travelling abroad than carrying cash.


  • Easy to get: get the card instantly from any of Crédit Agricole branches without opening an account
  • A card for you & your children: empower your teens to save and spend wisely using the Prepaid card
  • Worldwide acceptance: You can use it anywhere around the globe (purchases in stores, online shopping and cash withdrawals)
  • Safer than cash: it is chip enabled card, where you must enter a PIN for any transaction you perform.
  • It is also equipped with another secured feature “Safe Shopping” for authorizing Online purchase transactions.
  • Control your budget: easy way to budget your expenses, track what you spend based on how much you load
  • Easy to charge: using Crédit Agricole ATMs network or through banki Online and banki mobile for account holders


Card usage limits:


Usage Limit

Maximum Daily/ Monthly loading

EGP 15,000

Maximum monthly purchase transaction (local, international and online)

EGP 25,000

Maximum daily cash withdrawal

EGP 5,000