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Balance Transfer

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Now, transfer all your other bank(s) credit card(s) outstanding balance(s) to Crédit Agricole Credit Card and enjoy 3 months interest-free period on the transferred amount; in addition to 10% cash back on the transferred balance up to EGP 500.

Features & Benefits

  • Transfer all your other credit card(s) balance(s) to your Crédit Agricole Credit Card at an interest rate of 0% for the first 3 months
  • 10% cash back on the transferred balance(s) up to EGP 500
  • No transfer fees
  • Possibility to use up to 100% of your Crédit Agricole Credit Card limit to settle the balances of your other credit cards
  • Interest will not be charged on the transferred balance for the first 3 months. All your other purchases and cash transactions will be subject to the standard interest rate
  • Crédit Agricole will settle the balance(s) of your other credit cards upon application approval

Terms & Conditions

  • Cash back is valid for Balance Transfer requests submitted from April 18th till July 15th, 2017
  • Cash back will be automatically refunded to the card on the month following the request month
  • The offer is valid for only 1 Balance Transfer request from 1 bank only
  • Maximum cash back amount EGP 500


Required Documents

  • Balance Transfer Program application form
  • Last month original credit card statement(s) of the other bank(s) credit card(s) subject to the balance transfer

Terms and Conditions Apply.