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Best Doctors from Allianz

We seek to share your responsibilities using our extensive experience
 Today’s moments are tomorrow’s memories. And who doesn’t want their memories to be a collection of happy moments full of hope, love and laughter?

We at Allianz Egypt understand the significance of every moment. That is precisely why we are advocates of planning ahead and being prepared for the unexpected.

Did you plan…

  • To get the best international medical care in case of serious illnesses?
  • To travel abroad for treatment by the best medical experts at the world’s most prestigious clinics and hospitals?
  • To cover treatment and accommodation expenses?
  • To take care of all the details of being treated at big international medical institutions such as travel arrangements, accommodation, support the whole duration of treatment?

Subscribe to achieve your goals…

When you Subscribe, we will be able to secure your medical care expenses abroad with “Best Doctors” program in case you are diagnosed with any of the diseases covered in the insurance policy:

  • “Best Doctors” program guarantees access to the largest number of doctors and provision of the best medical care services in the world in collaboration with the Best Doctors institute, a leading and accredited organization providing the best health care programs and medical services.
  • The program covers cancer treatment, coronary artery bypass surgery (myocardial re-vascularity), heart valve replacement or repair, neurosurgery, and live-donor organ/tissue transplant according to policy terms and conditions.
  • Through the Best Doctors program, we can provide you with the best international medical care with insurance coverage of up to one million dollars per person/insured during the year of insurance and coverage costs of up two million dollars for a life time.

Whatever your future plans are, start by choosing a trusted international insurance partner.

Please keep in mind the age limits mentioned below to apply for an insurance coverage: Egyptian residence with minimum age at entry 21 for a policy holder and maximum age 64.

Note: All insurance products offered are introduced by Allianz Life Assurance – Egypt and under their full responsibility.
Allianz Life Assurance Company, Egyptian Joint Stock Company under the law number 10 year 1981 and its amendments for the supervision and control on Insurance in Egypt.