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CAE Mutual Fund Number 2

An Ideal Way to Invest

This is an ideal way to invest in the Egyptian stock market to achieve your medium-to-long term investment objectives with more reliance on capital appreciation.

Fund Objective

The overall objectives of Crédit Agricole Egypt’s Mutual Fund Number 2 are:

  • Capital appreciation
  • Income

Benefits & Features

  • Growth and income equity fund
  • Potential for higher returns compared to other investment products
  • Low minimum investment
  • Minimized risk through a diversified portfolio invested in the stocks and bonds of the best performing companies in the best performing sectors of the Egyptian economy
  • Investment strategy can be considered more aggressive than Crédit Agricole Egypt’s Mutual Fund Number 1. This is because Crédit Agricole Egypt’s Mutual Fund Number 2 can maintain a higher percentage of stocks and foreign securities than mutual fund number 1
  • Excellent liquidity for investors through weekly redemption of investment certificates (ICs)
  • Issuance fees of 0.5% and  0.75% redemption fee
  • Minimum subscription is 5 ICs
  • Minimum balance of IC’s to be kept at any point of time is 5 ICs
  • An account with Crédit Agricole Egypt is required for Mutual Fund purpose [Cannot be used for other bank services]
  • Professional management by Hermes Fund Management Group

Investment Policy

The fund manager can invest in:

  • Stocks up to a maximum of 90% of the fund’s assets
  • Corporate bonds up to a maximum of 60%
  • Short-term near-cash instruments with a 10% minimum is mandatory

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Fund Manager

Hermes Fund Management Group (HFM) is a fully owned subsidiary of EFG-Hermes Group. The group was formed in 1996 after the merger between Egyptian Financial Group and Hermes. EFG-Hermes SAE was floated on the Egyptian Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange in 1998. The Asset Management unit manages 26 local and offshore funds, with total assets of approximately USD 4.3 billion, as of September 30th, 2009.


Subscription Fee

A subscription fee of 0.5% of the market value of the ICs bought is charged. Clients may submit their orders on any day, However, the execution of client orders takes place once a week on Sunday.

Redemption Fee

A redemption fee of 0.75%% of the value of the ICs redeemed is charged. Again, clients may submit their sell orders on any day. However, the execution of client orders takes place once a week on Sunday.

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