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We know that you are the generation that stands out who…

  • Wants to enjoy freedom and has vast limit of curiosity and eagerness to learn and discover the world around him
  • Values independence to showcase your character
  • Up-to-date with the constant changes happening around
  • Has no limits to their ambitions and dreams

And because we understand what you are seeking in life, Crédit Agricole has prepared MY FIRST, a special financial package designed for YOU to pave you the way to your own independence and stability.

MY FIRST will let you Enjoy:

  • Saving Account with special interest rate
  • Free SMS Alerts package
  • All in one free DEBIT CARD
  • Rewarding points program
  • Online Banking and Digital Services
  • Career Coaching session & internship programs
  • Discounts and offers at your favorite stores
  • Banki mobile app
  • And much more …

Basically, you can now make your own decisions and start your first step to the financial world with MY FIRST!

Like it? Want to join MY FIRST?

Your age should be minimum 18 up to 26 years old.