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With Optime…Live it simpler!

With Optime…Live it simpler!

Understanding that you have an active life with different commitments and ambitions, Crédit Agricole has launched Optime to let you live easier and enjoy every day of your life! The package presents exclusive services and products that are designed to meet your needs; in addition to offering you special rates to ease your path to achieve your goals.


Your Benefits:

  • Get things done with Optime Cash granting you quick cash up to 150K EGP available each year to cover your ongoing needs
  • Stop the hassle with:
    1. Easy day-to-day banking on the go with the Online Banking Service and banki mobile app to have access your accounts, transfer money, pay bills, settle loans and cards balances, and much more
  • Optimize your capacities with:
    1. Free Gold Debit card with special offers on your purchases.
    2. Special Gold Credit Card with credit limit up to 50K EGP and special fees
  • Special pricing:
    1. 30%  discount on cash/car loans admin fees
    2. Special rates for Time deposits
    3. Happy points program: click here


To enjoy Optime benefits, you need to meet any of the following criteria:

  • Have savings or investments of at least EGP 80,000 (or equivalent in foreign currency)
  • Maintain a monthly income (inflow) of at least EGP 7,000 (or equivalent in foreign currency)
  • Transfer should be processed through any of Credit Agricole branches.