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  • Commercial Register # 20051 Investment
  • Crédit Agricole Egypt policies and procedures are compliant with the FATF (40) Recommendations, Wolfsberg Anti Money Laundering principles and Basel Committee requirements.
  • Crédit Agricole Egypt complies to the Egyptian law regularly combat money laundering and the Know Your Client regulations
  • Crédit Agricole Egypt is regulated by the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE)
  • Crédit Agricole Egypt co-operates with the CBE Money Laundering Unit, so as to report any suspicious activities
For more information, please check Crédit Agricole Egypt Anti-Money Laundering Questionnaire.
To fill Crédit Agricole Egypt Anti-Money Laundering Questionnaire click here.

BKMS tool:

  • The main purpose of launching the BKMS tool through our website is to enable our customers (vendors/suppliers ) to report a whistleblowing alert as well as protecting their identity, the content of the alert, and the identity of the person concerned by the alert.
  • By launching this tool, Anti-corruption measurers will take place in terms of detecting any conflict of interest scenarios to occur in terms of requesting, offering, giving or accepting, directly or indirectly, a bribe or any other undue advantage, which distorts the proper performance of any duty or behavior required
  • This platform will be accessible through our website at any time, from anywhere from, and all the information (including personal information) will be encrypted and saved in a secure independent environment.
  • While submitting an alert through the designated link, the whistleblower is given the option of providing his identity or he can choose to remain anonymous, while exchanging the case with the person in charge of processing the alert through a secure "dialog box”.