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For your protection, Crédit Agricole Egypt is offering new features on banki Business for the ultimate security of all company’s transactions (whether inside or outside Crédit Agricole)
the company should be equipped with banki Token

Banki Token is used by company representatives to secure company’s online transactions, by generating a one-time security code, one-time password – OTP. The OTP is mandatory for banki Business when performing any transaction online (a new code is needed for every transaction)
banki Token is used within the company by users initiating transactions and those authorizing them, and comes as an application (Soft Token) or a device (hard token).

banki Token application (soft Token):

  • A security application that can be downloaded on a mobile or a PC/ Laptop.

banki Token device (hard Token):

  • is a security device that we provide you.
banki Token is being used when performing the following transactions on banki Business.
  • 3rd party transfers inside or outside Credit Agricole Egypt
  • Bank drafts
  • Cheque book requests

For simple inquiries, you don’t need to use the token. For more info, click here