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Crédit Agricole Egypt is offering (banki Commerce), a platform that will change your company payment acceptance experience!

banki Commerce will enable you to accept card payments through your website/Mob Application. Your Customers can now shop whenever and wherever they want, saving them both time and money.


E-commerce has created new market opportunities in the world of retail, as it virtually eliminates all limitations of location, time, and saves on the cost of maintaining business premises and offices, which in turn enables you to gain a significant competitive advantage by reducing your prices.

Crédit Agricole Egypt banki Commerce service comes with a highly secured Fraud prevention tool and provides you with the fastest transaction processing and settlement.

Benefits & Features:

  • purchase at any time, anywhere (24/7).
  • Accepting multiple currencies
  • payment via (Visa, MasterCard & Meeza ميزة)
  • Daily Settlement into your Crédit Agricole Egypt corporate bank account.
  • Quick and simple integration with full support.
  • Dedicated merchants dashboard to view and generate Sales reports .
  • banki Business to easily Track your business and Even make financial Transfers between banks
  • Transaction-related functions (refund and partial refund functionality)
  • Dedicated Relationship Manager to support you and advice you in all your business inquires
  • We are committed to offer you the best online payment solutions and pricing.

Why banki commerce?

For your Customers:

  • Enjoy simplicity and comfort buying experience
  • Convenient wide range of products and services
  • Save money & time
  • Get products detailed Info.

For You (Merchants):

  • Reach new customers
  • Expand your business while maintaining cost reduction
  • Immediate real-time confirmation of transactions.
  • Decrease cash payments risks/logistics
  • Electronically traceable payments
  • Excellent marketing opportunities
  • Collect customer data insights

Required Documents

  • Valid Commercial Registration copy
  • Valid ID copy of the authorized signatory
  • Valid Tax card copy
  • Company CAE bank account (or to open new one )