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Being a responsible Bank and as inherited from its Group DNA, Credit Agricole Egypt is focused on the respect of the environment as part of its commitment to the community and the coming generations. Accordingly, the Bank follows a rigorous strategy depending on the efficient management of all resources and the use of renewable energy in its premises to achieve best-in-class energy efficiency & operation rates in Egypt.

The Bank has succeeded over to become a reference in the respect of environment through outstanding and concrete achievements materialized across the years.

1st Platinum LEED certified iconic head office

CAE succeeded for the first time in Egypt and North Africa in obtaining the platinum LEED certificate by the U.S. Green Building Council for its Head Office named Unity Building for its iconic design; out of which the building was set on reducing impacts on human health and on the environment through better site selection, construction, operation and maintenance.

Located in New Cairo, the Head Office depends on rationalizing power resources, in addition to providing maximum comfort to its staff. It includes a modern setup branch, different facilities to optimize the co-working environment including well-equipped training and meeting rooms and an auditorium that can take up to 300 persons in addition to a cafeteria, a restaurant, a gym and a green area.

 Inauguration of the largest solar panel station owned by a bank

Crédit Agricole Egypt installed a solar station with a capacity of 200 KWp on the rooftop of the CAE Head Office in the 5th Settlement, Cairo.  This Solar station is contributing in the reduction of the bank’s energy consumption rate by 7%. Accordingly, the power station was designed according to the highest global standards, to reduce impacts on human health and the environment, and to rationalize power resources. This endeavor is in line with the government’s push to meet greater energy needs from renewable, clean sources

In 2017 and in recognition of the longstanding efforts of the bank, the Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy Mohamed Shaker inaugurated the photovoltaic (PV) power station.

Expanding the usage of renewable energy on its branches

Continuing to promote reliance on renewable energy, Crédit Agricole Egypt has equipped in 2018 its 6th of October City branch with a solar-power plant. The plant’s average contribution to the branch consumption is 30-45% monthly and the energy saving per year is sufficient to cover the consumption of 105 households. The Bank will pursue the expansion of the usage of renewable energy on its branches in the coming years.

 Efficient consumption of resources:

The Bank has launched in 2017 an internal initiative “Go Digital” to rationalize the usage of resources comprising paper reduction through the digitalizing of processes and creating an awareness campaign for the staff. In the light of this initiative, the Bank has launched the e-statement service to integrate the customers in this initiative in favor of the environment.

 Paper Recycling:

Since 2016, CAE has launched a new ongoing initiative matching with the Bank’s eco-friendly values. It involves CAE staff as the main player. The initiative is to collect old paper to be delivered to a charity organization, to be recycled into hand made products. The revenue of the sold products will be used to finance people in need to have a better life.