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Credit Agricole Egypt launches “A Winner Everyday” campaign with prizes winning chances of more than 2 million pounds under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Solidarity

Cairo August 2022:

Credit Agricole Egypt Bank has launched a promotional campaign entitled “A Winner Everyday,” to fulfill the different demands of the bank’s current and new clients, aligning with the bank’s keenness to be the closest and most committed bank to meeting customer satisfaction in all sectors of society.

Under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Solidarity and with the aim of enabling prospective and present clients the opportunity to take advantage of the bank’s unique incentives, the campaign, which runs from August 1 to December 31, 2022, gives participants the chance to win a grand prize of one million Egyptian pounds.

The campaign also includes unique offers and benefits for existing and new customers without the need to enter a draw to get a range of the bank’s distinctive offers and services, which vary every month during the campaign period. 

The draw conditions apply to both existing and new customers who get personal loans, car loans, mortgages, issuing or activating any of the bank’s various credit cards, bank insurance, activate the banki Mobile application, open accounts, reactivate accounts, new customer’s referrals, or updating the data with the bank during the campaign period.

In this regard, Wali El Din Lotfy, Deputy Managing Director of Credit Agricole Egypt, said: “This campaign is part of the bank’s continuous eagerness to provide the best to its customers by offering innovative products that serve all sectors of society and attract new customers.”

“The idea of the campaign comes out of Credit Agricole’s desire to provide a unique banking experience based on being the closest and most preferred bank for its customers, so we are and will continue to be participating in many initiatives,” Lotfy added. 

Wali Al-Din Lotfy mentioned several initiatives, including the Go Green initiative, which aims to replace old cars with natural gas-powered cars, and the Central Bank’s mortgage initiatives.

“We are eager to contribute to the country’s efforts toward financial inclusion in line with Egyptian government instructions and Egypt’s Vision 2030,” Wali Al-Din Lotfy said.

The winners of the cash prizes will be announced in February 2023, and in the meantime, Crédit Agricole Egypt will offer several unique promotions on the majority of retail banking services and products each month during the campaign period.

This competition includes all retail banking products Credit Agricole Bank offers, including savings accounts and instruments, most notably fixed-yield savings accounts as well as tiered yield, with various monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual cycles to suit all customers.

Additionally, it includes current accounts, daily interest accounts, a package of deposits and savings certificates with a variety of interest rates and payment cycles at competitive rates.

All the bank’s credit and debit cards have a set of exceptional features, including happy points, which allow the customer to redeem points through a large selection of shops and stores, in addition to the ability to installment for all credit card purchases at different intervals ranging from 6 to 60 months at competitive interest.

It is worth noting that salary transfer packages are one of the most prominent services that the bank offers, with a range of special features for each category, in addition to individual financing programs targeting all age groups of employees with loans with outstanding return and payment facilities up to 7 years and a financing value of up to 2 million pounds with the lowest and fastest procedures.

The bank also provides its digital services to customers through many channels online and through mobile phone, such as banki Wallet, banki Mobile application and banki Lite service, in addition to the banki Token application, which is specially designed to give customers more security when conducting any financial transactions using various applications.

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