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Platinum Credit Card

Take you to new heights where you can touch an array of benefits

Crédit Agricole Platinum Credit Card combines the beauty of credit card privileges with worldwide recognition and special treatment.

Exclusive Benefits

  • High Spending Power

Crédit Agricole Platinum Credit Card members enjoy higher credit limits, for high spending power inside Egypt and abroad.

  • Status and Recognition

Around the world, Crédit Agricole Platinum Credit Card members are welcomed, respected and well received.

  • Extended Warranty

It protects goods purchased by Crédit Agricole Platinum Credit Card within an automatic extension of the manufacturers or retailers warranty for up to 24 months from the item’s purchase date.

  • Purchase Protection

A short-term policy to cover items purchased by Crédit Agricole Platinum Credit Card against loss, theft and/ or accidental damages.
For more information regarding Extended Warranty and Purchase Protection Coverage, Excluded Items, General Rules & Contacts.

  • Medical Referral

We understand that health is important to the platinum card member as an Elite. In view of this, Crédit Agricole would like to line up an array of medical services, so as to ease his/her worries at critical moments.
For more information regarding Medical Referral.

  • Legal Referral

Crédit Agricole Platinum Credit Card member can be provided through this service with the names, addresses, telephone numbers and office hours for referred lawyers and legal practitioners.
For more information regarding Legal Referral.

The above array of services provides the platinum card member and his/her immediate family with assistance services, when all traveling together on a journey outside home country and when at least 50% of the air tickets are paid by Crédit Agricole Platinum Credit Card.

Card Features

  • Worldwide Acceptance

Crédit Agricole Platinum Credit Card is accepted at more than 32 million merchant locations worldwide and more than 1 million ATMs for 24 hours’ cash access.

  • Flexible Repayment

Platinum Credit Card members have the option to pay as little as of 5% of their total bill.

  • Interest Free Period

Crédit Agricole Platinum Credit Card offers up to 56 days’ interest free period on purchases.

  • Convenient Repayment

Crédit Agricole Platinum Credit Card offers a range of ways to pay the card dues


  • Rewards Programs

Crédit Agricole Platinum Credit Card member will be able to receive special discounts and offers from Egypt’s premier merchants and service providers.

Crédit Agricole Platinum Credit Card provides safe and secure online shopping. Using their platinum credit cards, members can shop the internet’s global marketplace with peace of mind.

Crédit Agricole Platinum Credit Card members enjoy an optional credit shield insurance of 0.08% of their monthly outstanding balance.

  • Advanced Fraud Protection

Crédit Agricole Platinum Credit Card includes a service that detects credit card fraud. The premier technology implements a system that detects any suspicious transactions made by the card.

  • Supplementary Cards

Platinum Credit Card member can share all the benefits of the card with other members of his/her first degree family members being at least 16 years of age through a Platinum Supplementary card. Maximum number of supplementary cards: 3 cards.

  • Dedicated Customer Service

      • Private Banking Relationship Manager
      • Customer Service staff available at all Crédit Agricole branches
      • 24 hours – 7 days a week Call Center support

Important Information

  • Credit Limit

Platinum Credit Card member can utilize up to 100% of the total credit limit for purchases. However 60% of the total available credit limit can be utilized for cash withdrawals.

  • Monthly Statements

Platinum Credit Card member will receive a detailed and comprehensive credit card statement every month. It will include all details he/she needs to know about the status of his/her account. Also it shows details of earned and redeemed Reward Points.

  • Cash Withdrawals

Platinum Credit Card member can access any of Crédit Agricole ATMs or any other ATM bearing VISA logo for cash withdrawals.

  • Lost or Stolen Cards

The loss or theft of Platinum Credit Card must be reported to Crédit Agricole 24/7 Call Center immediately on 19077 or International (+202) 2791-9900 to avoid any unauthorized usage.

  • Interest Rate

    Monthly Interest Rate 3%

  • Payroll customers: 2.5% monthly interest rate for the customers whose salaries transferred to the bank.
  • Taksit service : Special interest rates for Taksit service up to 60 months, as follow:



    13 Months

    24 Months

    36 Months

    48 Months

    60 Months

    New Annual Takseet Interest Rates







    New Monthly Takseet Interest Rate







Contact Information

  • Merchant Offers

Inside Egypt: 0800 252 5387
Outside Egypt: +971 43214374

  • Purchase protection and Extended Warranty

Inside Egypt: 0800 609 2535
Outside Egypt: +44 20 8762 8002

  • Medical and Legal Referral

Tel: +44 (0) 20 8762 8146

  • Disputes

International SOS 
6th Floor, Landmark House 
Hammersmith Bridge Road 
London W6 9DP.

  • Crédit Agricole Contacts

Call Center/ Reporting for Lost or stolen Cards:

19077 inside Egypt
or International (+202) 2791-9900
Fax : (+202) 27924694

Mailing Address:

Crédit Agricole
Retail Banking Division
Card Center, P.O Box 1873
Postal Code 11511
Cairo – Egypt.