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As we always embrace new technology, we offer you the ability to pay customs and taxes electronically, without the need of issuing Bank Drafts or visiting the related authorities. Timely payments are guaranteed through this fast and easy service!


once the payment is made from your bank account, it is automatically reflected on the government unit’s systems.


bank drafts and cash payments at the Gov. unites offices are no longer needed, thus eliminating any associated risk, by effecting the payments from your bank accounts, at any of our branches

Using the E-Finance portal available at any of our branches, you will be able to pay:

  • Customs: you can inquire using your shipment reference number to know the exact customs amount due for payment and pay it, which instantly reflects at the customs system to be able to release the shipment.
  • Taxes: to pay your company various tax obligations (sales tax, income tax … etc.).
  • Social Insurance:to pay your company’s social insurance
  • Citizen payment: pay to many government entities, other than Customs, Tax or Social Insurance.
  • Unified Window: ability to pay customs specifically related to some ports (such as Cairo airport and Port Said).
  • Governmental Payment Order: ability to pay to some Governmental entities using a receipt they issue with the amount to be paid.
  • General Organization for Export & Import Control: this service is to enable to collect all the collections of the general authority for export and import control 
  • Workers’ Emergency Benefit Fund:this service is to enable collecting all the collections for the emergency benefit Funds to workers