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1st Credit Agricole Egypt’s Integrated Report… A New Milestone for innovative disclosure and Sustainability…

It is with great pleasure that Credit Agricole Egypt announces the launch of its first integrated sustainability report covering the period 2017-2019, as well as, the bank’s efforts during the outbreak of the COVID-19. This report is the first sustainability report in Egypt to follow the most advanced reporting framework Integrated Reporting (IR) and comply with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Innovation and Sustainability to Create an Impact is a title of this report reflecting the bank’s journey across the reporting period to be useful and to create a shared value for all its stakeholders, by applying its strategy impact which conforms to the mother Group MTP.

This report examines the bank’s value creation process over-time, capturing the strengths of its most valuable assets namely, human capital and digital capacities, maintaining and solidifying a strong financial performance, and committing to its responsibilities towards the customers, the society and the environment.

To this end, the bank’s sustainability framework is reflected via multiple dimensions:

Credit Agricole Egypt’s IR report takes you in a journey to explore the following:


Click here to read: Credit Agricole Egypt’s integrated report