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 Corporate Social Responsibility is in the DNA of Crédit Agricole Group, where its vision is based on being useful to the communities where it is operating.

Since its establishment in 2006, Crédit Agricole Egypt has contributed in several initiatives to support the society.

In 2012, the bank has taken major steps to deepen its service for the community under the slogan “together we care” with the formation of a dedicated committee to select projects that create an impact for the community welfare based at that time on 3 main pillars: Education, Health & Environment. This mobilization was following Crédit Agricole S.A.’s CSR initiative, FReD, one of the strategic priorities of the 2010 Group Project, which reaffirms the desire to implement an ambitious and innovative CSR policy, supported by hard facts.

In 2017, in a new milestone to further serve the community, Crédit Agricole Egypt has created its Foundation for Development by working on: Health, education, entrepreneurship, integrated development projects.

In 2018, in an unprecedented step following the group model, the Bank has integrated the CSR in the core of its strategy and business activities by launching its strategy “IMPACT”, aiming to be a leading innovation driven sustainable bank. The strategy targets: customers, staff, community and environment.

Impact’s Its action plan relies on 4 main objectives: customers’ satisfaction, staff motivation & engagement, protect the environment and support the community. Each pillar involves number of projects that are all ambitious and innovative.

Crédit Agricole Egypt’s CSR roadmap to create an impact:

The Bank will engage in projects that should have a positive societal and environmental impact for the support of the deprived segments in Egypt.

FReD is the global tool for steering and measuring the Group’s progress in terms of CSR for all of its subsidiaries. Its three pillars are trust (FIDES), respect for people and territory (RESPECT), and preservation of the environment (DEMETER). Its aim is to involve and mobilize entities, stimulate their initiatives, and spread the use of CSR practices in the core of the entities activities.

The bank should take into consideration the national goals set by the Egyptian government and participate if possible in important projects that will serve the community.

The bank will partner with NGOs that have more expertise and enjoy large network, in order to make a better impact and ensure a better reach to the deprived segments.

The Bank’s staff will be called to participate and volunteer in the different projects to show their solidarity and share their experience and expertise. Staff can participate with material donations as well as their time.

The bank will follow green practices for efficient usage of natural resources and encourage the usage of renewable energy to protect the environment.

The Bank will deploy efforts and avail modern digital services in order to spread the banking service for the Egyptian community.

The Bank respect local and international regulations. It is also committed to business ethics

The Bank prioritizes customer satisfaction and seeks innovation in order to accompany customers in their roads of life.

Crédit Agricole’s CSR commitments