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Save Time & Effort

Through our wide banki ATM, you can now enjoy a variety of 24/7 services and payments that will make your life much easier. Via CA ATMs, you can settle your Credit Card, pay your phone bill, deposit your loan, transfer between your Own accounts and much more…

Personal Account

  • Cash withdrawals from Accounts
    Card type Daily Cash withdrawal limit
    Classic Debit Card EGP 20,000
    Gold Debit Card EGP 40,000
    Platinum Debit Card EGP 60,000
  • Real time Cash Deposit in Current/Saving account (maximum EGP 10,000/transaction)
  • Mini statement printout of Current/Saving account
  • Balance inquiry printout of Current/Saving account
  • Transfer of funds between own Accounts inside CAE
  • Real time Bill Payment by transfer from CAE Accounts

Credit & Prepaid Card

  • Cash withdrawals from Credit or Prepaid Cards
  • Real time Cash deposit in Credit or Prepaid Cards
  • Balance inquiry printout of card’s balance
  • Real time Bill Payment by transfer from Card’s balance

Card-less Services

  • Real time Bill Payment
  • Foreign Currency Exchange
  • Card-less deposit in CAE Credit Card
  • Card-less Re-charge of CAE Pre-paid Card



Now you will be able to change your mobile number instantly through banki ATMs!

Just follow the below steps on the ATM:

  • Insert the card.
  • Choose the language and enter the pin code.
  • Choose “change mobile number” from main menu screen.
  • Enter the new mobile number.
  • Re-enter the new mobile number  for confirmation
  • Enter last 4 digits of your national ID (NID) or passport.
  • Enter your birth date (day/month).
  • Mobile number has been changed successfully!