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Change your life!

Now, with banki Mobile by Crédit Agricole, the new banking application on mobile or tablet, managing your accounts & cards has never been easier. You can login to your accounts and cards from anywhere around the world and at any time, enjoying optimum security.

And now, it comes with new features!

banki Mobile application supports Android versions starting 6 and newer, It also supports iOS versions starting 10 and newer

The application is available for download through:


With banki Mobile, you will be able to:

  • Self-Registration by using your bank ID or any of your Active card numbers.
  • You can also login to banki Mobile using same credentials of banki Online if you are already registered to the E-Banking service.
  • Retrieve and reset your credentials in case you forgot them.
  • Check your accounts balances, transactions’ history, cheques and cards.
  • Transfer money instantly to your accounts and to other accounts in Crédit Agricole.
  • Pay your own Credit cards and other Credit cards in CAE on the spot.
  • Pay your bills through bill payment service. Choose your statement type and activate E-Statement service.
  • Charge your own prepaid cards.
  • Activate your debit and credit cards.
  • Transfer to banks inside Egypt in local and foreign currency.
  • Change your registered mobile number & Email Address.
  • Change the password of your online & mobile banking.
  • Set your favorite home screen.
  • Receive Push-in notifications from the bank.
  • Link to useful apps.

Now with the NEW release, you can:

  • Fast recognition and secured log in using Face ID for IOS users.
  • Fast and secure login using Touch ID to both Android and iOS users.
  • Follow your Happy Points balance, information and catalogue.
  • Redeem your Happy Points online via online merchants’ sites & apps
  • Activate your soft token “banki Token” in easy steps.
  • Initiate Taقsit request installment service on your Credit card balance.
  • Unblock temporarily blocked card.
  • Submit a claim form for incomplete ATM transaction.
  • Register Meeza card in banki services.
  • Set/amend direct debit instruction to settle Credit card automatically.

All the above are also available on banki Lite

Other available Services

  • Locate the nearest branch or ATM, fidéle lounges, private banking centers or Corporate Hubs.
  • Dial CAE call center
  • Find out the latest currency conversion rates
  • Find out about all CAE latest products, services and offers through browsing CAE’s website
  • Follow us on our official Social Media channels
  • Request a service/product or leave us your comments and feedback.
  • And More

To register to your accounts on banki Mobile Application, please follow he below:

  • To register using your active card click here
  • To register using your bank ID and telephone pin click here

Please note that, you will comply to all the terms and conditions of the online banking service For banki Mobile application demo click here