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Change your life!

Now, with banki Mobile, the new banking application on mobile or tablet, managing your accounts & cards has never been easier. You can login to your accounts and cards from anywhere around the world and at any time, enjoying optimum security.

And now, it comes with new features!

banki Mobile application is supported for Android phones from Version 4.4 and higher.

The application is available for download through:

App google play


With banki Mobile, you will be able to:

  • Consult your accounts and/or cards
  • Know your balances and transactions’ history
  • Transfer money between your accounts
  • Pay your credit cards
  • Charge your prepaid cards
  • Activate your Debit and Credit cards
  • More features, coming soon your way
  • Bill payment Fawry
  • Internal transfer to other accounts in Credit Agricole
  • Credit card payments to other cards in the bank
  • Registration to the online service

Now with the new release, you can:

  • Subscribe in the E-statement Service *NEW
  • Check the status of your Cheques *NEW
  • Choose your favorite home screen *NEW
  • Receive Push-in notifications from the bank *NEW
  • Link to useful apps *NEW
  • And more…



  • Locate the nearest branch or ATM, fidéle lounges, private banking centers or Corporate Hubs.
  • Dial CAE call center
  • Find out the latest currency conversion rates
  • Find out about all CAE latest products, services and offers through browsing CAE’s website
  • Follow us on Social Media
  • Request a service/product or leave us your comments and feedback.
  • To log on to your accounts on banki Mobile, please use your credentials on Crédit Agricole Egypt’s banki Online.
  • If you are not registered, all you have to do is to download banki Mobile app and follow the steps for registration or visit our website and follow the steps for registration.


Please note that when using banki Mobile application, you will comply to all the terms and conditions of the online banking service

Or you can simply scan the below QR Code:

For banki Mobile application demo click here