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Enjoy the ultimate security features on your Online Banking transactions

soft token

For your protection, Crédit Agricole  Egypt is offering new features on the Online Banking Service for the ultimate security of your transactions. Now, to authorize the online banking transactions, you should be equipped with a Soft Token.

Why Soft Token?

The Soft Token is designed to provide you with extra security. It will generate on your smart mobile a one-time security code to authorize your transfers and payments to OTHER accounts (whether inside or outside Crédit Agricole Egypt). This security code will replace the authorization code sent previously by SMS on customers’ mobiles.

Inquiries and transfers to OWN accounts and cards will not require a token.

How to download the Soft Token application?

Visit Google Play or Apple Store.

How to activate?

Log on to Crédit Agricole Egypt Online Banking Service and press on the “Token” tab and follow the activation steps.

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