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banki Alerts Service

Monitor your transactions on the spot ... With the SMS alerts you select

Stay always on top of your banking transactions with the instant banki Alert Service. Now enjoy the freedom to choose between a variety of alert types and convenient subscription packages tailored to match your banking style and in your preferred language.

Types of banki Alerts

Scheduled Alert

Choose both the time and frequency (weekly / biweekly / monthly) for receiving your mini-statement detailing your account or Credit Card balance and last 3 transactions.

Event Alerts

Credit Cards:

  • Purchase alerts
  • Payment alerts
  • Over limit alerts with the exceeded amounts


  • Salary transaction alerts
  • Loan payment transaction alerts
  • Bancassurance payment transaction alerts
  • Family Fund payment transaction alerts
  • Branch transaction alerts
  • E-Banking transaction alerts
  • Fund transfer alerts
  • Cheque transaction alerts
  • TD & CD maturity alerts
  • TD & CD interest alerts

Subscription Packages

Super Package
Enjoy an unlimited number of SMS alerts for a fixed monthly subscription.

Smart Package
Monitor your transactions through 20 free SMS alerts for a minimal monthly subscription (Extra SMS will be subject to fees).

Slim Package
With no monthly subscription, you will only pay per SMS alert.

How to Register

  • Apply to the SMS Alerts service through your Online Banking service
  • Contact our Call Center (19191), available 24/7