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Credit Agricole Egypt signs a cooperation protocol with the Egyptian-Japanese University of Science and Technology to provide financial services and internship programs for students

Cairo, 16 March 2023 – Credit Agricole Egypt forged a partnership with the Egyptian-Japanese University of Science and Technology, E-Just, to discover and develop the students’ technological and scientific skills. The protocol includes providing the students with the necessary funding to enable them to study at the university, as well as offering them internship opportunities in the bank’s branches during the summer vacation of each year after conducting the required assessment. The partnership will be in motion after a joint announcement that takes place by Credit Agricole Egypt and the university.


The protocol was signed by Mr. Walie Lotfy, Credit Agricole Egypt’s Deputy Managing Director and Chief Commercial Officer, and Eng. Amr Adly President of Egypt-Japan University for Science and Technology, in the presence of the university’s board of trustees and a group of managers from different departments of the bank.

Mr. Walie Lotfy, Credit Agricole Egypt’s Deputy Managing Director and Chief Commercial Officer stated: “We are honored to collaborate with one of Egypt’s top universities, aiding in the development and enrichment of its students. Our goal is to provide our knowledge and experience so that the upcoming generation can make significant contributions towards economic growth moving forward. In fact, Credit Agricole will annually train 20 university students at its branches in Alexandria, and will offer a distinguished suite of banking products and services with the goal of facilitating financial transactions among the university administration, students, and parents. Additionally, the bank will offer Credit Agricole accounts that suit parents, faculty members, and university employees wishing to open accounts, as well as providing My First account for young university students aged 16 to 25, which is a savings account with a fixed return without interest, minimum deposit or account opening fees.”

Lotfy reaffirmed the bank’s keenness to reinforce financial inclusion mechanisms and endeavor to incorporate all groups, particularly the young, into the financial inclusion system; being the highest contributing age group to achieving Egypt’s Vision 2030.  He continued that the bank shall realize the aforementioned through introducing youth to the banking products, digital transformation, financial technology, and the development of human resource skills, to financially educate them so that their skills meet the labor market of the banking sector’s demands both regionally and globally.

The Egyptian Japanese University’s President, Dr. Amr Adly, stated that this partnership comes in line with the university’s strategic plan, which aims to graduate creative and diverse students enriched with a Japanese education experience, and encourage them to innovate in shaping Egypt’s future by providing all the technical support that they need. Adly also highlighted the fact that the university always offers training opportunities for students in various fields to equip them with practical professional skills.

It is worth noting that the bank will offer distinguished packages of banking and digital products and services during its presence in the university along the year as part of the Central Bank of Egypt’s financial inclusion programs.

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