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CAE launches a new campaign with a multitude of substantial benefits

Cairo, Egypt, December 2023: Crédit Agricole Egypt (CAE) recently launched a new campaign that allows customers to access substantial benefits. By either opening a bank account or obtaining a Visa credit card,


new customers will not only have the opportunity to enjoy a 50% cashback offer, but also stand a chance to win the iPhone 13 Pro Max. This promotion will run until January 31st, 2024 – ensuring new customers have abundant time to enjoy the exceptional rewards.

Customers who use the new credit or debit card will be eligible for a guaranteed monthly cashback for a period of five months. This cashback will amount to 50% of their monthly purchases, provided that they meet the necessary spending criteria. On top of the cash backs, the two top spenders of the new credit cardholders and debit cardholders will win an iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The new campaign aims at contributing to the bank’s strategy to be the most committed bank to meeting customer satisfaction. Therefore, the bank provides offers and benefits, and distinguished banking products and services to all its customers. In addition, CAE, through this campaign, aims to expand its customers’ base and portfolio, thus strengthening its presence in Egypt.

Jean-Pierre Trinelle, Managing Director at Crédit Agricole Egypt, underlined: “At CAE, the focus extends beyond mere transactions; the aim is to build enduring relationships by delivering tailored campaigns and products that cater to the specific needs and interests of customers. The approach goes beyond a transactional mindset, as CAE strives to be a reliable partner throughout customers’ journeys, providing exceptional services and acting as an advisory resource to enhance their overall banking experience.”

In addition to the network of branches, the campaign allows new customers to open accounts through the CAE website or in our branches, dedicated to sports clubs and universities, in Cairo and Alexandria, and thus enjoy a 15% interest rate, during the campaign.

Nevine Shokry, Head of Proximity Banking Distribution at Crédit Agricole Egypt, stated “By leveraging innovative technology and aligning with customers’ evolving preferences, CAE ensures that the banking experience remains seamless, efficient and convenient. This customer-centric approach not only strengthens the bond between CAE and its customers but also supports the Central Bank of Egypt endeavors for financial inclusion.”

Crédit Agricole Egypt, through all its initiatives, strives to offer excellence in customer relationship, and is keen on achieving better engagement with diverse segments of the society, thus, ascertaining the bank’s leadership in a dynamic and ever-changing market.

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