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Crédit Agricole Egypt CSR Committee and Employees Initiative to Distribute Ramadan Bags

Cairo, Egypt – As part of its endeavors to helping out the less fortunate during the month of Ramadan, Crédit Agricole Egypt’s CSR Committee launched a joint initiative with the bank’s employees to distribute 1,750 Ramadan bags to families in the most areas that are most impacted in Egypt. .

Since the Crédit Agricole Egypt’s CSR Committee understands that the current economic situation has increased the suffering and financial burdens of many Egyptian families, its goal was to amplify this initiatives through support from the employees both by asking them to donate money and their effort to making the project a success.

Crédit Agricole Egypt’s Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. François-Edouard Drion at the bank said:
“As part of the effort to support the donations of the staff, the Bank announced that it will triple every pound donated by the staff, in order to reach the largest possible number of poor families and assemble the largest possible number of food bags for the month of Ramadan.”

Drion also added:
“Crédit Agricole Egypt first started distributing Ramadan Bags among the areas where it already has CSR initiatives that target the neediest families in the community. The first to benefit from this initiative are the beneficiaries of the CAE community development project in Imbaba El Matar. Also benefiting are families of children in the single-room schools sponsored by Crédit Agricole Egypt in Menya and Assiut because it’s important that we include the distant cities in Upper Egypt in our support.”

The distribution list also included other areas in Greater Cairo such as al Maasara, Giza, and Alexandria. Crédit Agricole Egypt’s employees were always present for the distribution of the bags based on a scheduled to ensure that food was available to the recipients throughout Ramadan.

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