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Crédit Agricole Egypt Foundation, Schneider Electric, Gebal for Agriculture, Sustainability, and Livelihoods signed a Memorandum of Understanding to Launch Sustainable Development Projects

Cairo, Egypt, 4th of June 2023: Crédit Agricole Egypt Foundation and Schneider Electric joined forces with Gebal for Agriculture, Sustainability, and Livelihoods to launch sustainable development projects in Menoufia Governorate’s villages, Shubra Qubala and Mit El Qasri. These projects are addressing the water, food, and energy Nexus in these villages by installing greenhouses, fishponds, chicken incubators, irrigation pumps, and a compost unit for recycling agricultural waste all powered by solar energy.

Under the agreement, the three parties agreed to plan, design and execute sustainable community development projects in Shubra Qubala and Mit El Qasri villages in line with Egypt’s vision to preserve the environment, develop society, and empower women. These projects include greenhouses, fishponds, chicken incubators, and a compost unit for recycling agricultural waste, all powered by solar energy in Mit El Qasri village. Additionally, a women-operated greenhouse will be established, ensuring gender parity in these projects.

Commenting on the MoU, Sebastien Riez, Cluster President of Schneider Electric Northeast Africa & Levant, said: “Sustainability comes at the core of Schneider Electric’s culture and purpose. The cooperation with Crédit Agricole Egypt Foundation for Development to launch development projects in Menoufia Governorate will enable comprehensive support and effectively develop local communities. These projects shall also help combat climate change and use clean energy sources to make a positive impact and take sustainable measures to improve individuals’ standard of living, boost energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and achieve sustainable development. We look forward to more successful partnerships in this field, on both government and private sector levels to support the country’s efforts within the framework of Egypt’s Vision 2030 and to contribute to creating a positive impact on local communities.”

Jean-Pierre Trinelle, Chairman of Crédit Agricole Egypt Foundation for Development and Managing Director, Crédit Agricole Egypt said: “We’re thrilled to collaborate with Schneider Electric and Gebal for Agriculture, Sustainability, and Livelihoods in an alliance that allows us to truly embody our ambition to empower unprivileged areas and contribute to combating climate change. This partnership is a testament to our commitment to leverage the expertise and resources of the two organizations to create sustainable solutions to benefit the largest number of beneficiaries.

Trinelle added that by focusing on sustainability and leveraging this partnership with Schneider, the bank is actively pursuing its pledge to social and environmental progress while driving positive change within the communities it serves.

Mr. Jean-Pierre Trinelle and Mr. Sebastien Riez cordially invite the private sector and NGOs to join and contribute to the upcoming Community development projects, with the aim of scaling it up to encompass numerous underprivileged areas.

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