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Crédit Agricole Egypt Helps Celebrate the Five-Year Anniversary of the 57357 Children’s Cancer Hospital

As long-term donor to the 57357 Children’s Cancer hospital, CAE reaffirms its dedication to corporate social responsibility

In line with Crédit Agricole Egypt’s commitment to contribute to the community in which it operates, the bank recently helped celebrate the five-year anniversary of the 57357 Children’s Cancer Hospital. Crédit Agricole Egypt has been a long-term partner with the hospital since it opened. In recognition of their strong relationship, senior representatives from CAE, with other hospital supporters, were present during the afternoon event, where hundreds of children who have received cancer care from the hospital came out to enjoy an afternoon of games and fun.

CAE is committed to Egypt and continuously seeks to improve the well-being of all Egyptians through various CSR activities. Building on CAE’s corporate social responsibility initiatives, the bank is in the process of increasing its support for long-term social projects. The bank will provide support in projects to the local community across a variety of areas including support for education, healthcare, hunger alleviation and underprivileged youth.

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