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Crédit Agricole Egypt honors winners of ‘40 DAYS … 40 WINNERS’ Campaign

Crédit Agricole Egypt has organized the closing ceremony of its “40 DAYS … 40 WINNERS” Campaign, which was launched under the theme “Purchase & Win” to honor the 40 winners.

The celebration was held in the presence of Mr. Olivier Balima – Head of Proximity Banking – Development and Innovation, Ms. Amal El-Saied – Head of RetailBanking, and Ms. Omneya Sami – Head of Marketing.

“40 DAYS … 40 WINNERS” Campaign was launched at the end of 2017 for 40 days, to award one cardholder each day.Winners are the customers who shop their hearts out using Crédit Agricole credit cards.

Ms. Amal El-Saied – Head of Retail and Network – said: “This campaign is a token of appreciation to our clients in 2017, as part of the train of festivities launched on the occasion of Crédit Agricole Egypt’s 10th anniversary. Believing that our clients are the most valuable assets, 2018 will witness many happy surprises as well. The bank will seize each occasion to reach out to clients; last month the bank offered Valentine’s Day Offers and currently Mother’s Day offers are available. 2018 Grand Surprise is the FIFA World Cup ™ Package. The package, which is offered in collaboration with VISA, offers airline tickets, accommodation, transportation and match tickets to attend FIFA World Cup Russia 2018.

Mr. Ehab El-Sayed, one of the winners, said: “This campaign demonstrates how much Crédit Agricole is keen on satisfying customers. Since 2008, I have been a loyal customer and I never encountered any issues. On the contrary, Crédit Agricole offers a variety of distinguished services we touch day-by-day. I hope this campaign gets launched again.”

Another winner added: “I was living abroad and I have been a Crédit Agricole customer for two years. I highly recommend the bank to my friends and relatives. Through “40 DAYS … 40 WINNERS” Campaign, Crédit Agricole Egypt customers were encouraged to use its credit cards because it instills the bank’s keenness on being there for clients.

Dr. Henar Abdel Aal, another winner, pointed out that she 100% recommends the bank to her relatives and friends.

On the other hand, Mr. Tamer Abbas was one of the 40 winners, even though he did not know about the campaign, “which is an evidence of the campaign’s transparency”.

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